Omer Shahzad (Actor & Model)

Fun, quirky & straight forward responses, Let’s get rollin’ …

  1. Define yourself in 3 words? Focused, Hard working & Workoholic.
    The last book you read? Some Fashion Mag or Quran.
    3. One song that always stays on your playlist? Tu Hi Rey
    4. All time celebrity crush? Sri Devi.
    5. One thing you always keep in your bag? Protein bars or fibre biscuits.
    6. Your go to person for advice? Big Brother.
    7. Favorite quote? Many…
    8. Last movie that you watched? Kong.
    9. Favorite person to hangout with? My Best Friend.
    10. Favorite style icon? David Beckham.
    11. Your favorite shampoo? Sls Free Shampoos.
    12. Your texting buddy? My Gym Mates.
    13. One word that you use a lot? Alhamdulillah.
    14 Life according to you is? Not Perfect.
    15. Your inspiration comes from? Within.
    16. Proud of? Proud Of My Endeavors.
    17. What time you wake up? 8 am.
    18. What’s better, certificates or experiences? Experiences.
    19. Favorite TV Show? Kofee With Karan.
    20. When I dance I look like…? Robot.
    21. Favorite food? Qeema.
    22. Favorite perfume? Tom Ford.
    23. Favorite Holiday Destination? Madina.
    24. Favorite genre of music? Classical.
    25. You get irritated by? Rephrased Statements.
    26. What’s your super power? My Willpower.
    27. Snapchat or Insta? Instagram
    28. Your favorite emoticon?