One in a million- Celebrating Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day, celebrities tell Social Diary how their mother has influenced their lives and how they plan on celebrating the day with their special lady.


Question: How has your Mother shaped your outlook towards life and what have you planned for celebrating this Mother’s Day?


Mishayl Hussain

My mother is one of the strongest people I know because of the things life threw at her, she made me a fighter and taught me to speak up for what I believe in and be completely independent. She showed me that life and people can’t handle strong women, so be stronger! I plan on sending her flowers and chocolates back in Prague (home) to show her how much she means to me. Wish I was there with her though!


Nadia Khan

I feel that there were certain qualities of my mother which I was unable to understand and would in fact at times find incomprehensible and irritating like how come she would never gossip, never talk bad about any person, the incredible patience she had and the fact that she would never ever have an argument or answer back to anybody. She was very simple- she used to say the best times are spent at home and I never get bored at home, and people who get bored at home, they are very unlucky. So these qualities were beyond my understanding, until my later years when I realized that my mother had the strength of steel to remain patient through tough times and just wait it out. My mother would tell me never to gossip and to talk about myself and thing I know rather than about what other people are doing. These habits are beautiful and though I used to say in my naivety that I will be different than my mother, day by day I am becoming more like her and I actually strife to become more like her. The importance of your mother’s qualities and its value are often realized very late and I now realize that applying her qualities to situations always helps me greatly! I remember when she had cancer, she one day came home for a few days and people kept calling her to inquire about her health, rather than talk on and on about how the disease is getting to her, my mother would happily say that she feels perfectly fine. I don’t think I have ever heard her say to anyone that she is unwell, and I find that today if I am ever unwell, I don’t let others around me get affected by it. So the qualities and things my mother used to talk about back when I would find them difficult to understand, the very same things have now become my ideals and I try my best to be like her and I think she had it all figured out- never to gossip, never to indulge in other peoples’ lives, not to excessively socialize, and to just enjoy your family and your life.
I unfortunately cannot plan anything for mother’s day as my beloved parent is with me no more but my kids are planning something for me. Just the other day my daughter asked me that “mama should I buy a present for you?” so I told her not to buy me anything, but to make something for me. Aliza is mashAllah 15 years old and Azaan is 9 so both were asking me what to buy. So they are definitely planning something and I think the true beauty is for kids to actually remember Mothers Day and to personally wish you. It’s a beautiful universal thing.


Madiha Iftikhar

My mom has been there for me ever since the day I was born. She loves me, she is an angel and although it took a while to realize anything she did was for my own good, she disciplined me. She always told me how proud she was. She encouraged me; she was a shoulder to lean on. She knew things before I said something.
I am going to surprise her by a surprise visit after 2 months. This is how we celebrate.


Rezz Aly Shah

My mom is the reason I am what I am. After dad passed away, she’s been a father and a mother. Being a housewife, mom has given me solid values and kept a super look out for me in every sense of the word. All I am is because of her prayers. Either its work or personal life, mom is a source of strength in my life. I feel every day is Mothers day as mothers are with us 24/7, showering their love on us. On Mother’s Day, I plan to take mom out for lunch, have our gupshup and quality time out. Love to my mom and all moms out there. God bless you all Ameen!


Amber Khan

My mother has always very diligently taught us the values of life. She is a very simple, down to earth woman- she has always sympathized with other people and to help them out and she always has a soft corner for everyone. Some things that I have come to understand is that there are certain things that are naturally in you and similarly you tend to adapt whatever you see your parents do. By nature, I am like my mother- I too have a soft corner for everyone, despite the fact that these things were not taught to me.  I think the kind of environment you grow up in and the way your parents behave all influences you greatly.

Every year my daughters celebrate Mothers Day with me and I celebrate it with my mother. I plan on taking her out for dinner, and gift her something. That’s about it because ultimately I think we should take care of our parents at all times and shower them with love and respect every day especially when they turn old as that is the time when they need you most. Time returns for none so enjoy and spend each moment with happiness.


Saman Ansari

Everyone loves their mother and everyone believes their mother is unique. My mother is a super woman; she has always been a working woman. I used to observe her since childhood- waking up early in the morning, preparing breakfast, and then heading out to work. She used to be a teacher and then eventually became a principal. She would return home and give us lunch and then later on at night, dinner. She was a working woman with an immaculate house, everything would always be in its rightful place and mother was phenomenal at maintaining the house and relationships. She always had beautiful relations with her in-laws, dinners with friends, and birthday parties for us etc. So what kind of impact did my mother have on me? She helped me believe that anything is possible. There was only one rule that my mother never compromised on and that was to never let anything affect our studies. So I followed that, I did very well in my studies and then I followed all my passions. I am grateful to have a mother who has given me so much. I learned my cooking from mother, stitching, painting, art and much more. So my dear mother, on this Mothers Day, I thank you for being such an amazing woman and now that I am a mother myself I realize how much you sacrificed for us and in such a beautiful manner that we never even knew of all the sacrifices you made. I love you.