Parenting Positive Tips for Raising Toddlers

When you become a parent, Google becomes your best friend. It’s hard not to want to search the internet for help on all things related to the baby you have suddenly been entrusted with. But the lessons from Professor Google don’t end when your little one hits the toddler stage. Instead, you need to become equipped to care for a walking, talking, and sometimes messy, tiny human. And when that time comes, you will need all of the positive parenting tips you can get for your toddler. Or, as you might come to know them — the miniature boss of the house. Social Diary is letting you in on some great ways in which you can make your parenting skills stand out:

By Iman Shah

When your toddler points to a bottle and says, “baba,” encourage their language skills, but also tell them the proper name for the item. It can work to help them gradually learn the right words. Also when it comes to having quality storytelling time, there is no conceivable way you could read too much with your toddler. Remember that every child has their own pace at which they learn things. They might not follow a story as well as they will a few years down the line. But it’s all about helping lay the foundation for language skills and an interest in reading early on. Not to mention the kind of solid bond you can create with your little one when you adapt this habit of reading.

When it comes to their indulgence routine, sometimes offering your toddler options like the blocks or the bouncy ball, or grilled cheese or a peanut butter sandwich, can help them make decisions more easily. It also puts in the sense of understanding and holding onto an authoritative position. Even if you’ve kind of set them up for the scenario, it’ll still make them feel like they are taking control. This allows them to gain confidence from a young age and allow a sense of responsibility to come forth.

And let’s now look into those major tantrum issues that can take place. Most parents with kids of varying ages will tell you to wisely choose which battle you decide to have with your kid. Some things just aren’t worth the fuss in the long run. So yes, let your toddler wear two different socks if they are so adamant about it. With the toddler stage comes the unavoidable tantrums. When your little one is knee-deep in this phase and you have set a limit about something, stick with your decision and don’t give in — even if your toddler is literally rolling around on the living room floor.I know this may seem extremely difficult to work with but sometimes it’s the best that you can do.

While it’s important for you to remain with your child as they explore open spaces or your home, it’s also important to let them roam to explore and learn without much interference. Except, of course, when safety is a concern. During the toddler years, honing in on your kid’s ability to play pretend games can be fun for both of you. Encourage playing with a pretend kitchen or even with dolls to give them an idea of how to use their imagination. This is the time when you need to put a limitation on screens and allow them to explore the spaces around them in their own creative module. Believe me, it will present a spectrum of emotions in your child.

Also when it comes to showing your disapproval and telling your toddler “no” can sometimes result in them throwing it right back at you. Instead, find ways to avert their attention from whatever it is they shouldn’t be doing. Or explain why it’s not a good idea. Sure, they might not understand right off the bat, but snapping “no” can get exhausting for everyone. Also when you make it a habit to throw in a ‘no’ whenever you want to, it will most definitely lose its worth and meaning. So use it sparingly and when most needed.
Also you also can’t hug or snuggle your toddler enough. Show affection over everything. There is no limitation on the kind of hugs you can give. Even if they’ve just thrown a tantrum, hugging it out can mean the world to them. And when it’s all said and done, do you really need an excuse for those sweet, sweet toddler snuggles?
These are those golden years of your little one. Make the most of them. You wouldn’t know and they will just pass you by in a moment!



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