Raeed Mohammad Alam

By: Asif Khan


Actor/model and now an accomplished director, Raeed Alam is a balanced combination of genetic good looks, talent and hard work. For him being a star was as a far-fetched dream but today he has all those showbiz ingredients  running in his veins. These days his serial Band Khirkiyan is fast becoming a cult classic by getting rave reviews from all corners. In this interview the young dynamic model-turned-actor-turned-director unfolds everything that how he started off as a model and then shifted his focus on the other unconquered avenues of showbiz, confronting challenges of cut throat competition and nepotism.

How did you make it to showbiz?

It was one of my buddy form under-19 Cricket Team who took me to a talent coordinator who gave me really tough time in the beginning but at the same time he helped me get my first big break and that was a commercial of Sony Ericson directed by our most celebrated director of industry Saqib Malik.

While your career in showbiz was taking off you assisted director Saqib Malik for quite some time? How was the experience working with a legend like him?

Very overwhelming and utterly unforgettable. I worked as his assistant for seven consecutive years and each day spend was a thorough learning experience. I found him a really committed person, immensely workaholic and dedicated. When it comes to work there is no word like compromising.

You transitioned to the acting field quite smoothly. Was it a roller coaster ride through and through?

It was not that easy as it appears. Here I really want to clear something that even if you get something conveniently it doesn’t guarantee any success. In order to make your presence felt and to carve a significant niche out there for yourself you need to work painstakingly on professional lines. Quality is what I always go for and quantity doesn’t hold any merits for me. A small role having ample margin for performance is far better than a 75 episode soap delivering nothing worth remembering.

Which projects consolidated your position as the actor?

There are infact many, like Rang Laga, Mariam, Beqasoor, Dosti Ke Side Effects, Dil Hari, Baho Begum, Zameen Pe Chaand, Seeta Bhagri, Kuch Na Kaho, Tum Meri Muhabbat Ho,Band Khirkiyyan etc. Apart from two music videos namely Teri Yaad and one for the Persian singer Shadi, I have also worked for two telefilms Dadi Ka Pota and Yariyaan

When did you move to direction field?      

A couple of years ago, I decided to bring myself into direction and see how good I can practically execute what I have learnt over the years. Fortunately I started off with a commercial of a juice brand Maza. The shooting was placed in Bangkok and on being released it garnered huge acclaim.

As a model what do you consider as your major achievement?

I remained the Brand Ambassador of DeJuice for consecutive two years and that put my career on the right track. For a novice like me it was indeed a big thing to represent a multinational for a long period.

Please name some of the commercials that you have directed and being a model for?

Nestle, Maza, Telenor, Bahria Town etc. With a portfolio that spans envied designers such as Depak Parwani, Fahad Hussayn etc. he has also ramped for BCW. Besides being the face of Burgeon, Fashion Unchanged, National Food, Jazz, Pepsi, Dejuice, Sprite, Rani Pulpy.

How did you handle that intense role in Band Khirkiyyan?

My character in Band Khirkiyaan was quite a challenging one as I had to appear somewhere around 16th episode. Entering into any play, at a time when the story had already been evolved and all the characters shaped up and that too in the main lead, becomes really tricky as by that time the viewers start relating to every character and they do not agree to give any new entry, any margin of mistake which they normally give in the first few episodes. I’m happy that I didn’t disappoint them. I’m really thankful to director Asad Jabal for believing in me and giving me all the confidence. Most of my scenes were with Sarah Khan who is a wonderful actress and both of us share a great onscreen chemistry. She and Agha both were a great support and pleasure to work with.

What  else are you having on your menu these days?

I have been slowly and silently been working on a music video as director since past four years. Being my dream project it somehow took years but now its going on the sets in March followed by its official release by Sony India Label  in mid April. Besides I’m going through few scripts of movies that I’m offered with. I would be very careful as I believe that movie offers you a pitch from where you can score a sixer or you may get clean bold on the very first ball.


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