Right Time To Throw Away Your Make-Up

‘If you love something, let it go’- rightly said, especially when it comes to make-up. We have all been guilty of hoarding it, be it that red lipstick or your favorite mascara. Although there are a million reasons why we hoard make-up, there are two which are predominantly present: First, the product is more or less unused and super expensive. Second, you are saving it up ‘to use someday in the future’. Trust us, using old and expired make-up is not worth the rashes, inflammation or irritations that it can cause your skin. Your skin absorbs everything you apply on it, so be gentle when it comes to your skin. Having said that, here is a list of make-up products with their estimated expiration dates.

Foundation, concealer and BB cream

Expires in 1 year

Such products are water based and water means a happy haven for bacteria. As most people use this on a regular basis, their product won’t make it past 3 months. If by chance, you’ve still been using your favorite foundation for 8-9 months, be prepared to throw it away in due time. Think about it, is your old bottle really worth the future damage to your skin?

Lipstick, lip pencil and gloss

Expires in 2 years

Found the perfect shade? Can’t bear to part with it, even though you know it’s going to do you more harm than good. Trust us, no matter how beautiful the shade, if it’s starting to smell weird, lose its stay or not gliding properly, it has to go. Now, go to your make-up bag/drawer, take it out and toss it into the dustbin for good.

Kajal and eyeliner

Expires in 6-12 months

This is one item which is probably the most used product in your make-up routine. So, it’s highly unlikely that a kajal or an eyeliner would last you more than a few months. Just in case you decide not to throw it away and use it anyway, be prepared to face the consequences. A kajal is applied to the most sensitive part of your face, your eyes can get inflamed even by a small amount of dirt. Imagine what a bacteria filled and expired can do to your eyes? Only if you want severe eye infections or stye’s!

Nail polish

Expires in 1-2 years

Although nail paint is super long lasting, you do need to be careful on when to throw it. Check for signs like: Separation of the lacquer into layers, drying and the gooey texture. If any of these things happen, it’s time to throw it away. Most of the time, we don’t even finish our nail paints so make sure you don’t hoard them or go overboard while shopping for them. Remember, it’s going to be harder to throw out barely used polish as compared to an almost empty one.


Expires in 2-3 months

A good mascara is a rare occurrence. So, what happens when you find the PERFECT mascara? You never let it go. Reality check: mascara carries the maximum bacteria. All good things come to an end, even your precious mascara. Save yourself from bacteria and infections by tossing it out on time or you might be dealing with some serious damage.

All powder products

Expires in 2 years

Powder products like blush, eye shadow, bronzer and compact tend to last long. So it’s okay to use them for an extended period of time. To be honest, eye shadow or contour palettes cost a bomb and can’t be thrown out after only a few applications. Plus, they tend to have a lot of product and considering most of us don’t do a full face of make-up every day, they’re bound to last us a long time. Unless they start to smell funny or cause a slight irritation on the application, you’re good to go!

All cream products

Expires in 1 year

Unlike their powder counterpart, they don’t last as long. They tend to have a certain amount of water in them which can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure you always use a clean brush while using such products in order prolong their longevity.



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