Roaming on the streets of New York with Aliha Chaudry!

  1. Why did you select New York for your holiday destination?

I selected New York for holidays cause my brother lives there and I thought some family time along with some me time will end up being a good combo.

  1. First impressions of the country while you toured?

I have been to the US many many times as a lot of my family lives there but since the question suggests how was the first time so yeah I remember the first time I went to the us, I found it to be very grand , roads to be really wide and basically a very go-getter kind of a feel.


  1. Which are the must-see places in the destination that you chose?

Answer 3: I think in New York Times Square takes the cake home. We were in Long Island which is a nice , peaceful residential area that’s where my brother lives but there are lots of things to do in New York like watch broadway shows, eat good food, do some shopping and sip your favorite coffee.


  1. People travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway. What is the specialty of New York? The differentiating feature?

Answer 4: I like dubai a lot as it’s close to Pakistan and I don’t really like such long flights unless it’s worth it as the flight to US is 13 hours so I guess people choose dubai as it’s so close by and very accessible . Also, all the famous street brands and designers are so readily available there that mostly people turn to dubai including myself and Nepal I can’t say a lot coz I have never been there but I heard it’s a beautiful country.


  1. Bagels, cheesecakes and pastrami are some famous foods in the cities. Did you try and enjoy those? And is there a dish in specific that you would suggest the readers to try?

Answer5: oh yes, the New York cheese cake is really yummy and their desserts .. I went to diffferent restaurants and cafes . Krispy Kreme donuts are really yummy. I tried some nice Japanese cuisines and Korean food as well.


  1. Deciding on what to spend on more (food, hotel or travelling) is a decision we all take. Which of these do you prefer to empty your pockets on?

Answer 6: I’m a guilty shopaholic. I like going to the mall and I love coffee . My dad cannot start without one. And, food usually is the last thing on the list. So, this is how my travelling check list is like


  1. What did you enjoy most about your trip?

Answer 7:  like I said ive been to us couple of times but I never went to LA as it’s on the other side of the country. I went this time to California  LA and it was amazing. I went to the famous Disney land , visited universal studios, walk on sunset boulevard , La beaches. I really liked it there


  1. Any funny incident that took place on your trip?

Answer 8: haha, yeah . There was one in LA when I went to Disney land and since I’m not really into rides. When I got onto a scary ride, I felt like almost fainting but that was the thrill . I just laughed it off later .


  1. Dollar prices are pretty high at the moment. For those of us who haven’t been there.. how much would you suggest we have in pkr to spend a quality vacation?

Answer 9: haha, oh well. It actually depends.  if you’re into fine dining and designer shopping then you have to spend hefty amount but if you’re into street shopping and street food then even normal amount would be fine. It totally depends on your preferences.


  1. Vacay-ing to the Central Asian countries is the new “IT” now a days. Would you suggest it is because of the lower fare prices or something else?

Answer 10: well, yes like I said it totally depends on a person . For me, i like travelling and going to different countries and exploring stuff so I wouldn’t mind that. But, like I know a lot of people who only do their vacation in London or America and they just stick to these places so I guess each it’s own.



  1. What are the three things that you always carry with you on your trips?

Answer 11: well, there are definitely more than 3 things. But, the most important ones are : my phone, my moisturiser, and I guess my wallet haha.


  1. Anything one should be prepared for when visiting New York?

Answer 12: oh yeah.  if you’re going in the summer season . Get ready for it to be jam packed with tourists from all across the world . For some it can be really fun and for some it can be a little too much.


  1. Did you bring / will you be bringing any souvenirs with you?

Answer 13 : I love collecting souvenirs in fact I’ll attach a picture of my souvenir table . Oh yeah. I collected every state /city I went to.


  1. What is the one thing that you recommend others to try/experience in New York?

fast life , it can be a little groovy



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