ROCK ON! JUNAID KHAN “There is a big project in the works with Call”

Vocal powerhouse Junaid Khan has come a long way in his career. You know him from Call – the band and his recent drama roles in Ishq Tamasha and Kashf. In this candid interview, Khan dishes on life, work and what the future holds for him.

Share three facts about yourself.
I am a foodie; I am health conscious but I try to keep a balance, and I like to stay calm and positive.
How have you been navigating through this lockdown phase?
By spending time with my family, looking after my mental and physical health and focusing on my music.
What do you admire most about your profession?
I am lucky because my passion is my work.
Who has been a ball working with in music?
My band members Zulfi and Sultan – my friends. I believe they are the most creative people in the field of music. The reason I enjoyed doing music so much was because I was with people like them whom I shared the same passion and ideology with.
What new music can we anticipate from you?
There is a big project in the works with Call, which we will try to execute in November or December. There is a solo project as well. It is my track and I have featured Pakistan’s best guitarist – an icon, a musician and a great composer – Faraz Anwar.
Who do you hope to collaborate with acting wise?
The sky is the limit. I am open to all possibilities. That is the fun part of my profession that I get to work with different people.
What are you inclined to do next in your career?
The next logical movie would be production. I am thinking of setting up something. You will get to hear about it very soon.
Describe in one word your creative process as a musical artist.
Life – I believe life is a blessing and one should cherish and enjoy it. So, I seek inspiration from life and translate my observations into writing and eventually perform them.
Is competition fierce in Pakistan’s music fraternity?
Music is not being created so much so the competition itself is not that fierce. There is so much room for music to flourish in Pakistan and reach more people.
Who has inspired your personal growth?

Everyone around me, starting with my parents who I am thankful for. I am also inspired by my siblings, my children and my friends. Generally life itself inspires me, and how can I make most out of myself.
What are your plans for 2021?
There are many plans but the plan of releasing my debut feature film this year has now moved to 2021. My current agenda is to make my big screen debut and also work on a solo album.
A director you deem the best in the business?
It has to be someone who understands the character, the story and has the capability to extract the best performance out of an actor. Someone who knits a project beautifully and presents it to the audience. That makes a good director. There is Danish Nawaz, Wajahat Hussain and Nadeem Baig. There are many more names but these three top my list.
An advice you cherish to this day?
What happens, happens for the best. This advice has been of great use to me too. Instead of feeling disheartened about something, know that it is for the greater good.
Are you a couch potato or heavily active when you are not working?

When I am not working, I like to rest. Sometimes my work routine is exhausting so when I am free, I like to just lay and rest.
Anything you would like to say to our readers?
Be happy, look after yourself and look after your physical and mental well-being. Take care of the people around you, show them love and respect. Suppress negativity and express positivity.

Quick Bits

Describe in one word where you are in life right now.
Five things you cannot live without?
Bed, washroom, cell phone, money as required for survival and of course, my family and friends.
Your favorite label.
In terms of comfort, durability and value for money, it would be ZARA.
Two contemporary singers you admire?
Ali Azmat and Atif Aslam
A gadget you cannot live without?
My cell phone
What makes you smile?
When my children are happy.

Interview by Haider Rifaat












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