Roll On with Madiha Iftikhar Meerza

Roll On

Madiha Iftikhar Meerza (Actor & Model)

Get to know her better through these instant responses…

 1. Happiness for you is?
My Home.

2. Define yourself in 3 words?
Practical, confident and loving.

3. Current song on your playlist?
hahaha cheap thrills by Sia.

4. Pet peeve?
When my house is dirty.

5. Personal fashion style?
Casual and chic sometimes.

6. Life according to you is?
Life according to me is an exam for hereinafter.

7. Your inspiration comes from?
From my parents always.

8. Proud of?
Of my armed forces.

9. Fashion & drama industry is?
Flourishing but still requires creativity.

10. Biggest regret?
During the time I worked I was so busy making my own name that I hardly got time to help people out.

11. One bad habit of yours you would like to change?
I never forget things easily.

12. Fame or money?
I have had fame and financial stability too. A lot of things are much more important than these worldly requirements like inner peace and preparing yourself for hereafter.

13. Style or comfort?
Style if required otherwise most definitely comfort.


14. Simplicity or glamour?
It’s always the simple things in life that matters the most.

15. Favorite food?
Desi cuisine.

16. Favorite color?

17. Favorite perfume?
Bombshell by Victoria Secret.

18. Favorite Holiday Destination?
Prague & Spain.

19. Favorite movie?
Any movie that has meaning and has been beautifully executed becomes my favorite movie for the time being.

20. Favorite hangout place?
I tend to make most of everything.

21. Favorite genre of music?
80’s & 90’s.

22. Favorite Singer?
Bryan Adams & Back Street Boys.

23. You love?
My other half of course.

24. You hate?
Fake and plastic people.

25. You get irritated by?
by stupid people.

26. If you could have one super power?
The power of invisibility.

27. Snapchat or Insta?
Insta I think.







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