Roshanay Afridi

1. Who is Roshanay Afridi? Tell us about yourself (your background, education, lifestyle etc.)
I was born in Amsterdam, grew up in California and now recently got a place in Karachi.
I studied psychology, BME, dental but my passion has always been modeling. I have a cat named cookie, I love watching anime and I have an obsession with skincare.

2. At what point did you decide to begin a career in modeling? How did you get started as a model?
I got scouted when I was 14 years old in New York City. My parents agreed to take me to the agency however they did not allow me to pursue it because they believed my education was most important. Then at 18 I got scouted again in LA and this time I was able to sign with my agency and started modeling part time while in school.

3. What is your greatest strength, as a model?
I’m a chameleon. You can turn me into anything and I can adjust to different environments, different styles, the way I pose and contort my body. I didn’t start from lawn which means I got a lot of freedom to find my own style of posing. However when I came to Pakistan, I learned how to pose for pakistani clothing as well. Now I have specific styles of posing for certain brands. For example sana safinaz has a very edgy posing style, ELAN has very straight poses since khadija hates the wrinkling of clothing in her images. And with Ali Xeeshan, the wilder the pose, the better.

4. What do you feel was your breakthrough campaign that established your name in the industry?
I was lucky enough to work with big designers as I was starting so it put me right in the spotlight. My first job was with Sana Safinaz and then I did a shoot with ali xeeshan that Abdullah Haris shot, working with Nabila’s and also the Elan winter campaign that was shot by NFK in Thailand that got very popular as well.

5. What is your dream project that you would love to work on?
I would love to do a collab with a clothing or indie jewelry company, I think that would be such a cool idea. Just a couple of dainty pieces or basics/accessories that are well done and would show my personal style. Currently really loving generations vibes.

6. Modeling is undoubtedly difficult. What has been the most challenging part since you started?
Flying the damn dupatta hahaha

7. Which designer and campaign have you enjoyed working with the most so far?
I personally love working on campaigns where I get to travel. So far I’ve been up to the northern areas, Thailand a couple of times and countless times to Lahore. I enjoy modeling in different places, I think the environment helps me in becoming more creative in my poses as well. There are two campaigns one for Sania Maskatiya by NFK and one for Suffuse by Shayaan Khan, both came out so wonderfully and both are not only talented and professional but very respectful and a pleasure to work with.

8. What are your goals as a model?
To do the best work I can and in turn keep pushing and bettering myself. I have a goal, I have certain brands I want to work with internationally. I want to reach so far that I impress myself.

9. Model features or model behavior, which is more integral to the success of a model?
Behavior, features can be bought these days. You need the discipline, have the skillset, talent and attitude to keep up in this line of work.

10. What is your secret to maintaining such a shapely figure?
eggs, soup, some chocolate and fruits/veggies. Eat lots in smaller portions throughout the day.

11. How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?
I remove myself from it. I don’t allow anyone to have power over me. I decide and if it’s uncomfortable then I do not participate in the situation.

12. Do you have any mentor or someone in the industry that you look up to for guidance?
Tabish Khoja helped me figure out a lot of the lingo and guided me in regards to which brands I should be working with and what to look out for. He’s been my rock since day one and I always appreciate his insights.

13. Who is your inspiration in the fashion industry?
I adore Elsa Hosk, She IS IT.

14. What are your upcoming projects? Which of them are you most excited about?
I have some international work coming out in New York, Los Angeles, and Japan for magazines and printwork. Also very excited to be working with an incredibly talented group from both Karachi and Lahore on a special shoot that might raise a few eyebrows.

16. Are you here to make friends in the industry? Or do you have a strictly professional approach?

I think if it comes naturally then it’s fine. I’ve met a lot of kind and interesting people but I do for the most part try to keep it professional.

17. When you are not modeling, what are your hobbies and how do you spend your free time?

In Pakistan I am a homebody. I like to do a nice yoga/Pilates session, go get a massage or I do netflix marathons and catch up on my sleep.
When I’m in California, I am always seeing my friends, going to PR events, snowboarding, shopping, going out, swimming, traveling to different cities. As you can see it’s a bit more hectic when I go back home.

18. Tell us something about yourself, which very few people know?
I’m a homebody. I love traveling across the world but I’m at peace when I’m in my room, with my cat and some tea- organizing my stuff hahaha.

19. Will you ever consider straying into the field of acting?
I’ve been asked plenty of times for various projects. I think perhaps in the near future you might see something interesting come up.

20. If you were not a model, what career would you have pursued?
Probably dermatologist or something in skincare

23. Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
I’m very big on eating healthy and nutritious food. I think you need to nourish your body. I cut a lot of junk food, dairy, meat, out of my diet and replaced it with vegetables, soup, fruit, whole wheat bread and lots of green tea and water. I’ll have the occasional dessert but I noticed the more I feed my body these types of food, the more I crave them.
I have a yoga mat at home and I used to go running. I need to get back on that. I go according to the rule your body will look like 70% of the food you intake and 30% exercise.

25. Any message for your followers and fans? I seriously love you guys, thank you for always supporting me and truly for your kindness. Please know that I will always cheer for you guys as well. May all the goodness in the world come to you. Also I often get messages about someone seeing me somewhere but being too intimidated to take a picture with me. Please come and say hi! I would love to meet you all♥

Quick Bits:
1. Who was the last person you got a text from?
My brother, it was a meme
2. Last book you read?
The sun and her flowers
3. Favorite movie/s?
Hannibal rising/Howls moving castle
4. Your all time celebrity crush?
Adriana Lima/Mads Mikkelson
5. You favorite TV series of all time?
Friends and Dragon ball Z for the anime lovers
6. Your biggest fear?
Giving up
7. Biggest wish?
Let me show you guys as soon as it comes true rather than just telling you 😉
8. You spend most of your money on?
9. Favorite perfume?
Chanel no. 5 premiere
10. Favorite pizza topping?
I don’t eat pizza lol
11. Your favorite city in Pakistan?
12. Ideal breakfast menu?
Scrambled eggs with multigrain toast and matcha green tea

Q4. Did you expect to get so famous?
I think when you love what you do and put your all into it then it is nice to get recognized for your efforts and work. Fame is a nice side-effect, not the main goal.

Q5. What did you expect out of it back when you started and what do you expect from it now?
I expect to work with the best so that I may advance in my skill set as well as create magic with talented people. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to do so and now I would like to work with international brands.

Q6. Can you tell us the story of your prior successes and challenges?
I think early on working with brands like Zara, forever 21, Hot Topic and such gave me a base to work off of. It helped me develop my personal style before coming to Pakistan. Here I had to learn how to work with Pakistani clothing. Also moving to Pakistan was a whole challenge by itself. All I can say is that God has been kind to me and made this process as smooth as possible.

Q8. When did it occur to you that you’d made it and are a famous personality now?
If I can be completely honest, I don’t feel that way. I am Roshanay Afridi. I’m not trying to be humble or sly with this but I’ll consider myself famous when I can walk through any country and I get recognized by everyone. Until then I will just keep on working harder.

Q9. Have you ever been in a situation where you were bombarded with fans unexpectedly?
It was the cutest, some girls came up to me and were shy but kept saying my name. We made eye contact and then they approached asking if they could take a picture. They were so kind and sweet!

Q10. Is it true that you can speak 8 languages? If so, which ones are they?
English, Dutch, Urdu, Punjabi, French, some Spanish, German and Japanese

Q13. How has your experience been modelling for the BCW?
It was an absolute pleasure. Fashion weeks do take a toll on your body and can be exhausting but I absolutely love them!
Designers are excited and have worked so hard to display their work and I want to make sure I do justice to it.


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