Saeeda Imtiaz

Film actress and Model

A face with pretty features, a smile worth million dollars, Saeeda Imtiaz is a model and an actor and has achieved success in no time. Not only pretty looks but a sweet personality is what Saeeda has to offer. Let’s know more about her, this week in our chit chat with her.

  1. Please tell us about your background, education, family etc. I was born in abu dhabi and was raised up in longisland newyork. My entire family lives abroad. I got my degree in psychology minor sociology. My descent is kashmiri.
  2. How did you enter in the showbiz industry? I started off with a portfolio shoot and after that an agency got in touch with me thru a family friend for the film kaptaan which is a biopic of imran khan and my journey took off.
  3. After that how you entered the film industry specifically? After the film as it got a hype I got more offers for work and shoots. I was asked to change my hair color from blonde to brunette to work in this industry.
  4. Your height is ideal and people envy you for that. Has it helped you getting into this industry? Well its more challenging for me just because when you have people who envy you . .you have more haters than people loving or supporting you within this industry. But fortunately with who so ever i have worked so far have been kind towards me and so am I as i dislike the term *professional jealousy* atleast not in my dictionary.
  5. What do you enjoy the most about your job? Acting and having fun on sets.
  6. Tell us what aspect of acting you find the most difficult one? Why? Haven’t done comedy as of now which is eventually exaggerating your expressions. Not difficult BUT i must say haven’t tried a comedy flick. Would want to as an actor so i can compare how difficult is it from the roles i have played so far.
  7. Is there leg pulling in the drama industry? Comment. Hell yea. . In every industry on this earth there is one which is pretty much annoying especially when your working as a team i personally think it should be more like a family and less drama.
  8. What one thing you want to improve about our entertainment industry? The distributors supporting our industry rather than giving us less priority when it comes to giving screens to the films in pakistan.
  9. What is your most memorable role? Why? Kaptaan wajood and redrum. All my three films are different from each other and i love them all.
  10. How much professionalism is there in the silver screen? Do you see our film industry as a blooming one? When i shot for kaptaan i was new to the silver screen after i shot for wajood. I think things have changed over the years. More professionalism to more technologies have been introduced to this industry and im liking the fact that things are going in the right direction in a positive manner. Glad this industry is grooming and blooming. 🙂
  11. Any fun fact about you that people are not aware of? Hmmm i love pranking people around. I find it fun.
  12. In a biographical film of your life, who would you like to play you? I myself if i would have given a chance but i guess yumna zaidi.
  13. You always look so great, how do you stay in shape. What’s your secret? I dont skip my meals. I eat four times a day. Exercise at home and never diet. I think dieting is never the right way to get in shape.
  14. Tell me about a time when you had a really bad day but had to perform that night. How did you get through it? Sigh as a human we have good and bad days but when I am on sets i forget all about it. We have to let go our problems while we are working or else it will affect our work. As long as im provided with my food on time while working I am happy. I never had such a day so far. Touchwood
  15. Do you think you could have done a past performance better? What was the performance? Why could you have done it better? Oh yes of course as an actress i want to groom learn more and more. Learning never stops no matter how old you get. Few scenes from my films as i look at them and say to msyelf *oh i could have done this in a better way NOW* so I guess we improve with experience as we learn from our directors and co-actors.
  16. What are your three strong points as an actor? On time on sets. Passionate about my work. humble to each and everyone on sets no matter even if its a spot boy. *Attitude nahe laina aur na daina* until or unless you are treated unfairly and then you speak up for your rights.
  17. Quick fire:

Lahore or Islamabad- lahore.

Pepsi or Coke? I dont have soft drinks. But i guess pepsi over coke.

Meat or Vegetables -both

Fawad Khan or Shaan- fawad khan

Guilty pleasure food vice – lot of extra cheese

Movie or books? Movies

Morning or night – night


  1. Your message to the aspiring actors?

If you are passionate about acting fight for it and pursue your dreams. Work on merits and stay away from drugs. Just know what’s right and wrong.



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