Sana Butt on the go

Sana Butt on the go
 (CEO of Sana Butt Beauty Bar & Spa)

Social Diary spoke to Sana Butt about her recent visit, and what did she do there. Let’s read and see what she was up to during her recent visit abroad…

  1. Where did you go?

Istanbul, Turkey.

  1. Was it an official trip or personal?

It was a personal trip with my husband Nouman Malik.

  1. Where did you stay for most part of your trip?

We stayed at Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul.

  1. What’s the best thing about Istanbul?

The best thing was discovering the culture and natural beauty of Istanbul.

  1. What do you miss the most back home while traveling?

I missed my children Vaneeza and Ahmed.

  1. Where did you eat mostly?

Every day we had our breakfast at Four Seasons hotel and rest of the meals at the local eateries of Istanbul such as Ulus 29 and  Delhi Darbar Restaurant .

  1. What was the most memorable part of your trip?

The most memorable part of my trip was eating according to my heart’s desire. We enjoyed several culinary experiences from the finest local eateries.

  1. One place you would recommend the visitors to try the next time they visit Istanbul?

It is a must for travelers heading to Istanbul to shop at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. The Bazaar is true to its name spanning over 61 streets with more than 3,000 shops of carpets, crockery, spices, tea, lamps and souvenirs.