Shaz Khan – Actor

Trained at the Actors Studio MFA Program, this young star was compared to the likes of Sean Penn. Join Socila Diary Magazine, as we have sit down with Shaz and learn more about him.

Who is Shaz Khan?
I would ask internet, it always tells the truth.

What got you into field of acting?
An irresistible need to do it, even when I was in a banking career out of college I was just plotting my move to pursue it.

What’s your favourite genre when it comes to Acting?
IT changes every day, month, year all depend on what feels right at the moment. I am a fan of all genres when done right; action thriller is right up my wheelhouse.

What type of role would excite you the most and you would take in a blink of an eye?
A role where I would have to learn a new language and

Share experience working on Moor and Parwaaz hai Junoon?
Both the films fulfilling for different aspects. Moor for the intimacy of the story and relationship with Jami and crew. Parwaaz for just getting to zip up in an air force uniform and pretend to fly it satisfied the kid in me.

Current project?
It’s a cross cultural sports action drama titled the “Martial Artist” in which I play a Pakistani-American MMA fighter.

Any funny incident from sets?
We have a chorus of characters that made me laugh every day the one incident which was hilarious was when I

Do you get along with co-stars easily?
I think that should be asked to the co-stars, no:)

Any character you played that is close to you personally?
Daniyal from yaqeen ka safar was pretty close since I usually play very tortured social outcasts of sorts.

How do you manage your career with personal life?
I don’t make the distinction between the two, if I am focusing on what’s important to me it all weaves into one another.

What’s the best advice given to you by someone?
Work on developing good habits.

Song stuck in mind for a long time?
You are not alone by Michael Jackson.

Motto of Life?
Stick to your instincts, dance with your thoughts, cultivate infinite curiosity, own your life, sing terribly, work hard smart, eat healthy, never focus on what you don’t have, eat that donut, don’t cherish opinion, be what you imagine.

Few words for your fans?
Nothing but love.

Quick Bits
1. Nutella or Peanut Butter?
2. Who was the last person you got a text from?
My wife
3. Last book you read?
Fidali’s Way
4. Your all-time celebrity crush?
Famke Janssen
5. Your favorite TV series of all time?
Breaking Bad
6. Your biggest fear?
7. You spend more of your money on?
Good food
8. Morning person or a night owl?
Morning person
9. Favorite pizza topping?
Green peppers and olives
10. Acting for you is?
A privilege and responsibility.
11. Your favorite city in Pakistan?
12. Ideal breakfast?
Almond croissant and coffee

One word for the following:
Kubra Khan – Korean
Hamza Ali Abbasi – Working
Hameed Sheikh – Power
Sonya Hussain- Discovery
Samia Mumtaz – Ethereal
Marina Khan – Elegance.
Hania Aamir – A Pistol


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