Shazia Kiyani

Dress Designer

1. Tell readers of Social Diary a little about yourself, how you stepped into dress designing?
Answer: It was my childhood dream to become a dress designer. As the eldest of four sisters I would design clothes for my friends and family because they loved my style. It was 15 years ago that I formally started to design after 17 or 18 years of my marriage after my kids had started going to college and I had relatively free time on my hands.
2. Tell us something interesting about yourself which no one really knows?
Answer: I am a really good Chef and I love to cook for my family and friends. This is what I receive a lot of appreciation for by my loved ones.
3. Any latest project you are currently working on, a bit of sneak peek on it?
Answer: For the upcoming bridal season, I have selected Mughal arches as my basic theme. Even the color tones are reflective of the same theme.
4. What’s you favorite dress designing theme?
Answer: Mughal era design sense is my favourite therefore I like to base my designs on traditional motif from that era.

5. If you were to go for something new and exciting what would it be?
Answer: I like to do interiors and my new project Askari Homes is in the pipeline. I like to put my emphasis on chandeliers, table lamps, and furniture and again it is my passion.
6. What did you do with your first pay checque?
Answer: My first month of business was really very successful because my exhibition was really well received. But I didn’t really do anything with my first pay cheque. I just put it aside. Actually I do not really like to spend a lot on myself.
7. If you had an extra hour every day, how would you spend it?
Answer: I would like to spend time with Naghmana my darling my dearest friend. I love her a lot and would really like to be with her.
8. What words/advice would you pass to your childhood self?
Answer: I think I would advise myself to become more patient. I lose my temper really quickly and then I suffer losses. So yes this is a skill that I would love to acquire.
9. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?
Answer: I would love to learn to play Golf.
10. Any funny incident from your childhood that still makes you laugh?
Answer: In class six when my mother had gone out to do Eid shopping during Ramazan I tried to make Iftari for her. The result was quite pathetic but my mother really appreciated it. She felt really proud of me.
11. Do you get along with fellow designers. Name a few who have been your most favourite so far?
Answer: I have travelled a lot for dress exhibitions with other designers and really get along well with them but my favourite designer is Neelofar Shahid. She works with a unique passion , is an icon and I find her to be a truly amazing person.
12. What do you do to stay healthy? Do you follow any diet regime?
Answer: I am a casual person and do not do any particular regime but I do try to have smaller portions.
13. Any plans for venturing into any other career field?
Answer: I am planning a furniture home as I shared earlier but its on hold right now because of the uncertain situation resulting from the pandemic.
14. Where see yourself 5 years from now?
Answer: I trust in Allah and my son Afan Kiyani is studing in a Fashion School will be joining me after he is done with his education. I am sure that our new venture SKHomes will be very successful.
15. A few words for your fans out there….
Answer: Effort and hard work is required to succeed and there is always room for learning and One should never think that she or he knows everything nor should one lose hope.

Quick Bits:
1. Who was the last person you got a text from?
Answer: Last text tI got was from my brand manager.
2. Last book you read?
Answer: I am reading a Tafseer of Quran
3. Your all time celebrity crush?
Answer: Tom Cruise
4. Your favorite TV series of all time?
Answer: Not a TV person
5. Your biggest fear?
Answer: Worry about the well being of my children
6. You spend most of your money on?
Answer: I mostly spend money on my children.
7. Favorite perfume?
Answer: Alyssa
8. Morning or a night person?
Morning person
9. Dress designing for you is?
Answer: Passion
10. One beauty product you always need?
Answer: a Matt Lipstick
11. Your favorite city in Pakistan?
Answer: Islamabad
12. Ideal breakfast menu?
Answer: Toast and Omlette

Say one word for the following:
1. Sana Safinaz –Doing great
2. Reema Siraj-Amazing
3. Saba Malik-Good
4. Mantra-Good
5. Bareeze-Very amazing
6. Cougar-ok
7. Quiz-not my style
8. Mango-good option for local buyers of western wear
9. Khaddi Khas-Save time
10. Generation-A good effort since last two decades


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