Social Diary Exclusive A Metaphoric Rise to Stardom Raeed Muhammad Alam

By: Asif Khan

From the amateur model to the dependable actor of today Raeed Muhammad Alam’s voyage to stardom continues unabated. In this no-holds-barred Exclusive Interview with Social Diary, the young versatile actor overviews his career that spans over more than a decade now. With every role Raeed whips up a storm at the mini screen by a wide margin and adds an incredible weight to the project. An unprecedented set of applause is coming to Raeed’s way ever since, he has made an entry to blockbuster serial Dilruba, opposite Hania Amir. Both the actors, provide the much-needed sheen to the screen and for their incalculable fans, it’s a treat to watch the celebrated couple after a hiatus, who had worked together in “Mujhay Jeena Do” in 2017.

With your entry in Dilruba, the rating of the serial has jumped to millions. How happy are you?
Dilruba is an excellent serial. Before my entry already five male leads have played their part and now when my character makes the entry, the play is at the peak of its climax when mysteries would be unveiled and characters get exposed. Director Ali Hassan has really worked hard on each frame of the serial and MD Productions is a big platform and it’s an honor for me, working under their banner.
Your chemistry with Hania Amir in the play is really strong. Have you guys worked together before?
If your co-star is excellent at her job then that offers a level field to other actor to perform good. Hania, is a superstar now, and in the play she seems at her best and only she could handle this intricate role from the new league of actors. Actually, her character is one of the pillar on which the entire drama rests and the terrific portrayal by Hania, takes it notches higher. I found her immensely incredible in light moments and compelling in poignant sequences. Secondly we both have worked together for Angeline Malik serial “Mujhay Jeenay Do” and that is another reason why our bonding looks convincing and chemistry appears strong.
What do you actually look into a role when you agree to accept it?
The role should have the substance; be it is a negative, serious or a comic one, as far as its offering substantial margin for performance, it would be my pick. I think an actor’s ability to listen to his director and writer, matters the most. I always lend a patient ear to director’s advice placidly, and then strive to bring out the best of myself.
You have performed enough roles and your versatility is unquestionable. Do you still have craving for some special roles?
My appetite for fresh subjects that dare to pierce into unexploited terrains has rather become more intense. I want different roles as diverse as chalk and cheese are.
Now Turkish plays and drama of other countries have also invaded our screen. Do you consider it a threat?

The popularity of foreign content is due to our audience that is no more willing to give anymore space to the overly exploited yet tried and tested content. They are on a look out for fresh, new and brimming content on their screens.
Do you ever get afraid that you will run out of creativity and inspiration in your job?
Not really. It is a continuous process and involves loads. To me creativity is something that is contagious. To me biggest source of inspiration are the people around me.
If doing less work makes one more desirable, then too much of appearances, loose one’s appeal.
Being selective, choosy and cognizant about the script is the kind of vibe that I want about myself. Secondly I make sure that the project is worth working and the director/producer have the vision for what they are making, like if it’s a comedy, the humor quotient should be very much in sync and if its tragedy it should be properly etched out. The quality suffers due to the compromises of any kind
How has the journey been for you and what are your upcoming projects?
It wasn’t a roller coaster ride. I have had my share of highs and lows and some ups and downs but everything helped me evolve as a better and mature actor. As far as my upcoming projects are concerned after Dilruba, my fans would get to see me in serial Daaj, Fitrat and Haan Tum Se Kehna Tha.



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