Social Diary Exclusive An All Rounder KANEEZE ZAINAB

Beautiful and ambitious, Kaneeze Zainab is a treat to watch on television dramas. Recently, Social Diary had an interesting conversation with her and we’d like to share it with all of you.

Please tell us about your background?
Im a BDS graduate from Lahore Medical & Dental College. Practicing aesthetic dentistry in Lahore.
How did you enterthe showbiz industry?
Accidentally lol. Though I was passionate about acting, started off with fashion shoots & got the chance to work in dramas later.
What do you enjoy the most about your work?
Travelling and exploring different locations.
What one thing you want to improve about our entertainment industry?
Gender equality.
You are very selective in choosing your roles for projects, while selecting the roles, what is your priority? And why is it so?
Good script & potential character.
Reason: content is everything.
our fans would really like to know about your upcoming project…
Soon you will be seeing in a web series.
Tell us what aspect of acting you find the most difficult one? Why?
The only difficult aspect for me in acting is to get makeup & styling done daily.
Is there leg pulling in the industry?
Well!!! Umm No comments.
Where do you see yourself in near future?
I see myself as a social worker in near future.
We see a travel bug in you. Which/how many countries have you seen? What parts of travelling you love the most?
I love travelling. I have been to UK, UAE Egypt, and Azerbaijan. I enjoy site seeing & adventurous activities while travelling.
What is the perfect way of balancing work and personal life?
Prioritise your time.

Any fun fact about you that people are not aware of?
I got spontaneous & good sense of humour, only my closed ones know about it.
You always look so great, and have managed to stay in shape. What’s your secret?
For me exercise is a must do. A healthy body means a fresh mind. I ensure exercise is given much time as making money.
Your message to the aspiring actors who take you as an inspiration, through the platform of Social Diary Magazine?
Never opt any shortcut, work hard and have patience as perseverance commands success. Do your best & leave to God the rest.

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