Social Diary Exclusive Maham Amjad

Maham Amjad- a beautiful actor, an amazing writer and a passionate entrepreneur is with us this week! She shares her professional as well as personal life and we cannot wait to share all the details with you!

Please tell us about your background…
I’m a business grad who’s always liked all things fashion, I started my career with an internship at Hina Butt’s studio designing for her, growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer but since there were so many of them in the industry, I ended up changing my mind.
How did you enter in the showbiz industry?
Wherever I have worked it was somehow linked to the Industry but how I entered the industry was through hosting. I have hosted all the red carpets of the fashion weeks as a brand ambassador for Slice and Aquafina.
What do you enjoy the most about your work?The best days for me are those where I’m counting the hours of sleep I’ll get before going to bed, those days make me feel like I’m actually doing something with my life.
What one thing you want to improve about our entertainment industry?
I think our entertainment industry is doing very well. Pakistani dramas are watched by viewers all over the world having said that I do feel there is a need for better content that can highlight the norms so people get to learn something from them.
What do you prefer more, modelling or acting? Why?
Interviewing, that is my forte, that’s how I started my career in the fashion industry and hosting will always be very close to my heart. It has brought so much love to me from the audience that nothing can take its place away from my heart.
Tell us everything about your experience about working for property sector. Are you still associated with it?
Once you step into real estate and get its high, it’s very unlikely to walk away from it. I have worked for Aqua Properties which is a leading real estate company in Dubai for 2 years, I have also made a real estate show with them as the Creative Director. The market is currently slow due to the pandemic but once it all settles I’ll be back in Dubai doing what I love to do.
How did you switch to the modelling industry , how has been that experience?
People have a misconception that I am a model when I’m actually not. Modelling is a full time career. Whenever I have done any shoots they were all as the brand ambassador not as a model. I have never done ramp professionally. I like to do creative shoots for myself because I have very creative ideas that I like to bring to life but those I do for myself not for any brand.
Is your family supportive towards your decisions?
I come from a family where women are generally not encouraged to work. My family sent me to all the best schools and eventually they understood that stopping me from following my dreams is not fair when all my other classmates had that freedom. It wasn’t easy to get the permission to work but eventually I gained their trust and ever since they have always encouraged me to do better.
Your fans would really like to know about your upcoming project…
The pandemic has shaken the timelines of our work but what I can tell you is that there are TV shows in the pipeline that I’m very excited for.
We see a travel bug in you. Which/how many countries have you visited this year? What parts of traveling you love the most?
Speaking of 2019, I explored 3 countries. I went to Seychelles, Baku and then South Africa. What I love about traveling is that I get to explore a new part of myself each time, I love to travel alone and meet new people, learn the history of the place. I feel its the best way unwind.
What is the perfect way of balancing work and personal life?
For me, from 7am – 7pm is work time and from 7pm – 7am is the time for my personal life. I don’t attend any work calls after 7pm unless I have to fly for work that is an exception.

Any fun fact about you that people are not aware of?
I’m a racer, I love speed and I have better driving skills than my male friends.
You always look so great, and have managed to stay in shape. What’s your secret?
The secret is my mother, I’m blessed that I have inherited her genes, my mother and I share the same shoe size and the same dress size, we have 27 years age difference.
Your message to the aspiring professionals who take you as an inspiration, through the platform of Social Diary Magazine?
Follow your heart, put all your heart and energy into your work, it will never let you down and don’t forget to dream, the dreams we see are what we manifest in our lives so dream big and never give up!

Quick Bits:

Lahore or Islamabad?
Meat or Vegetables?
Guilty pleasure food vice?
Pani puri
Movie or books?
Morning person or night owl
Night owl
Flats or heels?
Short hair or long hair?
Long hair
Red rose or white rose?
Pulao or biryani?


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