Social Diary Exclusive MISHI KHAN’S Actor, Host & Singer

As much as it is an arduous task describing the multi-talented Mishi Khan, “a creative artiste” seems to be the right term for her, for the lady has not confined herself to one thing. She is an adept chef, an unparalleled comedian, a decent host, and a versatile performer who has worked in every medium, be it television, theatre or film. Be it Anwar Maqsood’s comic play or Fatima Surayya Bajiya’s serious drama, Mishi Khan has always won hearts and continues to do so with her morning show which is simple and elegant in its execution. Mishi was asked some interesting questions by Social Dairy, to which she gave equally interesting answers, which are as follows:

Tell us briefly about your background.
I was born in Quetta but then the whole family moved to Karachi after a few years. I was still studying when Fatima Surayya Bajiya reached out to me for “Uroosa”. She was actually searching for a young girl for that serial of hers. Someone from our neighbourhood who knew her personally gave my reference and she approached me. As a result, “Uroosa” by Fatima Surayya Bajiya became my first serial. After its instant success, my showbiz life began.
Tell us something interesting about yourself which no one really knows.
I am a very good dancer.
Which play of yours is your favourite?
“Uroosa” and “AjaibKhana” both are my favourite.
What is that one thing which you consider yourself best at?
Communication. This is something I have acquired from my experience of doing countless live shows.
How has been your experience of working as a host for “K2 SahrMishi Khan keSaath”?
It has been a superb experience. Its simplicity makes it my kind of a show, and that is why I have spent seven years doing it.
If you had an extra hour every day, how would you spend it?
I would do yoga.
How do you stay fit? Do you follow any specific diet?
I am not really fussy about my diet, but I take utmost care of the quantity that goes in my stomach. I keep a balance in my diet, and skip a meal when I feel that I overdid the last time I had food.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
I don’t know. I never make plans.
What advice would you pass to your childhood self?
I should have been naughtier.
Give a few words for youngsters who look up to you?
Be yourself! Listen to what your heart says and don’t rely on others for telling you what is right and what is wrong. Formulate your own opinions. This will give you your individuality.



Quick Bits:

The last person who texted you?
Muhammad Ali

The last book you read?
“The Diary of a Social Butterfly” by Moni Mohsin
Your all-time celebrity crush?
Johnny Depp
Your all-time favourite television series?
Sex and the City
Your biggest fear?

Your biggest wish?
To have a huge animal sanctuary
Acting for you has been…?
A way to express different emotions
You spend more of your money on…?
Dog rescue welfare
Your favourite perfume?
Paloma Picasso
Morning person or a night owl?
Morning person
Must stuff in your purse?
Money. There’s no need of a purse without money.
Singing for you is…..?
A good pastime, and a passion too.
Your favourite city in Pakistan?
2 to 3 hours daily due to the lockdown.


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