This very talented director is all set to release his first ever movie this year. After the success of his music videos and television dramas, he is determined to share with his fans a movie featuring some of the leading actors of the Pakistani media industry. Social Diary caught up with Sohail to find out what this year has in store for him with all balls rolling.

  • Who is Sohail Javed? How would you define yourself?

I would define myself as a witty and a reasonably mad person, who also have a sarcastic and a comic side. Other than that I am a very calm and collected person.


  • Tell us a bit about your background; your family, education, etc.My father used to work for a Jordanian Airline, so we used to travel a lot. When we moved to Karachi, it was hard for me to accept the permanent change but I somehow made my way through it. Being the only son of my parents, I was quite a violent and spoilt kid. My mother wanted me to study something which was productive and would get good money in the pocket, but despite her wish, I chose Psychology because at that time I was going through a phase where my focus was shifting from being a Car Mechanic to a Scientist to a Teacher and what not.


  • How did you get into film making? Was it something you had always worked towards or did it begin unexpectedly?It all started back in the 90’s, while watching a movie I had a thought that I could do something better than that. No one in my family was into filmmaking or media industry, but my inclination towards filmmaking became by passion and it just felt right to pursue it and It brought me where I am today.
  • Your work on Na Maloom Afraad 2 was truly commendable, what are you currently working now?

Na Maloom Afraad 2 was an amazing experience for me. Even though I am not an actor but I managed to act and did justice to the character that I was playing. I am working on a couple of projects at the moment. Other than that, I will also be playing a character of a Grandfather in a film as well.

  • What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies that you are passionate about?In my free time I love to travel. I simply pack my bags, head to the airport, choose a suitable destination then and there and off for an adventure. If not traveling, then I love doing house-chores. I like things organized and clean.
  • Tell us about your experience working with your current co-star Mawra Hocane.Working with Mawra was a great experience. She is a fine-tuned machine, out of all contemporaries, she stood professionally. She is a very hard working girl and has a long way to go.
  • Who/what inspires you? Any individual (native or foreigner) whose life or style of filmmaking inspires you?

Vishal Bhardwaj and Shoojit Sarkar are my all-time favorite directors. Their work is one of its kind and of course Gulzar Shahab, who is known for finest storytelling and mesmerizing work.

  • Can you tell us about new projects you are working on currently?Currently, I am working on a film which is a tragic love story, very close to my heart. Faisal Qureshi is one of the actors of this film and we plan to start shooting in January of 2019.
  • Are your camera endeavors only limited to directing movies and films?

I am an all-rounder. I have a production company, I make Music videos, TV commercials and now working on a film.

10- What advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?

The only advice I would like to give to all the aspiring filmmakers is that always keep money, secondary. Your prime focus should be your work, always pay attention to the details. Always fulfill your commitments and be honest with everybody.

Quick Bits:

Who was the last person you got a text from?
My son.

Last book you read?
A collection of Bengali Love stories

Favorite movies?
Pakeeza, Blade Runner, Omkara, Natural Born Killers.

Your all-time favorite celebrity?
Late Salim Nasir Shahab

You favorite TV series of all time?

Your biggest fear?
My kids hating me.

Biggest wish?
To make a film in this country the way I want to and my kids succeeding in life.

You spend most of your money on?

Favorite perfume?
Tom Ford Oudh

Early bird or Nocturnal?
Early bird.

Favorite pizza topping?
I don’t like Pizza.

Your favorite city in Pakistan?

Ideal breakfast menu?
ABC (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot Juice) any kind of Eggs except scrambled.

One word for the following:

Naveed Raza

Syed Jibran
On time

Urwa Hocane
Interesting person

Hania Aamir
Long way to go

Nayyar Ejaz

Great actor


Mohsin Abbas Haider

Most hardworking guy



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