‘Step Out of Your Comfort Zone’ In conversation with ANOUSHAY ABBASI

With extremely tough competition in a thriving entertainment industry, it does sometimes get overwhelming for actors to hold onto their ground and create that ‘magic’ on screen which assures they will be around for long. But then we also have those artists with that destined spark to make it big from day one.
Anoushay Abbasi- the dynamic, versatile, talented and a very passionate actress is already making waves with her portrayal of a plethora of characters that represent a full spectrum of emotions. With her unapologetic take on life, she is living every moment with complete fervor and knows being an actor was her destiny. She is making the most of it, while working very hard but also enjoying a new life with a whole new character she takes on every time!

Social Diary had a great time, getting to know this dynamic star a little better as she commits to playing on roles which inspire women to also come out of their shells and pursue all the great things that they are destined for as well!

SD: We know the star – how about shedding some light on your life behind the screens- share with our readers a little about where you grew up and your family life?
Anoushay: I grew up in Karachi. I was always a very playful child who always got along with everyone around me. My family has always been pretty close, I’m really grateful for everything God has given me. I couldn’t have asked for a better life.
SD: Considering you already had family members in the entertainment industry, did it always seem like the natural choice?
Anoushay: Kind of I guess. Other than that, I always wanted to be an actor.
SD: Shedding light on nepotism- do you feel it’s true that having a strong family in the same field makes it easy to make a move in the competitive world of showbiz?
Anoushay: I think it makes it easier to enter the industry but in the end it all comes down to talent, and since there is so much competition in the industry, it’s mostly hard work that matters the most.

SD: What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far?
Anoushay: My career for sure. Just doing what I love and being fearless with it.
SD: What would you say has been the most disappointing?
Anoushay: I wouldn’t call any experience disappointing if I’m being honest. I believe they were all great life lessons.
SD: Having already played a plethora of characters, how do you choose your roles and what matters most to you about a drama when making a decision to become a part of it?
Anoushay: The most important thing to me is that my character should be empowering for women.
SD: What is your take on the film industry of Pakistan? Do you feel we are quite there or do we need to make a stronger global presence?
Anoushay: I feel we do need to have a stronger global presence. Our movies are really amazing but we still don’t have that much of a global reach.
SD: Would you ever consider taking on films completely in the near future?
Anoushay: Yes definitely.
SD: Is it true actresses can become friends or is it a complete show for the cameras?
Anoushay: Of course it’s true!
SD: Aside from acting, do you feel you will ever want to take on direction or produce major titles?
Anoushay: I’m also very much into music and singing, so I will be focusing on that as well as producing, I would love to produce a project in the future.
SD: What remains your major nudge to keep on striving and making a mark? Will there ever be anything to consider as a deal breaker for you?
Anoushay: My fans are the reason why I do what I do. Their love and appreciation is the greatest source of motivation for me and as long as I have that nothing can discourage me.
SD: Looking into how you serve as a role model for many young women out there, how do you believe women empowerment can be implemented at grassroot levels?
Anoushay: Teaching young girls to be independent. Also encouraging them to do the things that they love and to do it without fear.
SD: You have showcased such exceptional acting skills in major drama titles- what’s next? Is there a genre you haven’t explored yet and wish to?
Anoushay: I would love to act in a horror show or a film.
SD: At the end of it all, how do you wish to leave your legacy?
Anoushay: I would like to be remembered as someone who did what she loved. Someone who was never afraid to step out of her comfort zone and do something different, and also as someone who always raised her voice and spoke up for what she believed in.

In a Glance:

The Thing You are Grateful for in the Lockdown?
A director you want to work with?
Badar Mehmood.
An actor you wish to work with?
Wahaj Ali.
The one thing that is a mood killer?
When things aren’t done on time.
Three things you have with you all the time?
My phone, air pods, and my mask!
Your favorite movie?
La la land.
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Morning person.
Desi Wear or Western
Deepest Fear
Biggest Regret
I have no regrets.
Most Prized Possession
My LV bag
Biggest Strength
My mother
Someone you wish meet
Marilyn Monroe
Top 3 things on your bucket list
A backpacking trip around the world.
Bungee jumping.
Scuba diving.
The best thing about your work
My fans.
The worst thing about your work
Call times!
A movie you wish you had been a part of
What people don’t know about you?
That I’m an introvert.
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself
I don’t think I’ve heard many.
Your dream destination


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