Syed Jibran

Actor/ Model

Syed Jibran is well recognized and admired in Pakistan’s media industry, and for good reason! With looks that have only become better with time and an on-screen persona that channels emotions and energy of a character perfectly, Jibran’s work is truly unparalleled. Social Diary got the opportunity to talk to the Star…


1)  How did you start acting/ what made you pursue acting?

Being a doctor by qualification and also an entrepreneur, it is quite an interesting and a rare story how I got into acting hahaha… believe it or not it was a Rs.100 bet with a mate of mine that made me pursue acting…and whilst trying to win this bet I discovered this in-born actor within me which grabbed my attention and developed my interest in this field towards…so here I am being in the industry for over 15 years and still exploring the versatility within me 🙂

  1. What are the best and worst things about acting?

Best part about acting is that one gets to have an insight of different characters, lives and situations that arise other than your own life and you often get to see things from other people’s perspectives. Whereas, the cons of acting in my opinion would be that often you get hit emotionally by a certain character to an extent it reflects within you in your real life.

  1. Which projects are you busy with nowadays?

Currently i am busy completing my ongoing television projects and geared up for my upcoming film…so stay tuned for that!!

4) What is your dream project?

Yet to come!!

5) One character that you played which has been the most challenging so far?

The character of Zain in Khuda Mera Bhi Hai because being a father in real life it was a very touchy and sensitive topic for me and I wanted to do it full justice.

6) One habit of yours that you admire?


7) Which item do you mostly splurge on? A necessary extravagance?

I love to have different collections of perfumes and watches!

8) Do you get along easily with your co-stars or not?

Well I guess do…but my costars I suppose would be the right ones to answer this hahaha (smiles)

9) Which celebrity would you most like to work with?

They all are as nice as each other 🙂

10) Any funny incident from the set while shooting that still makes you laugh?

Shooting and being on the set is always fun but frankly at the moment cannot think of any particular funny incident at the top of my head.

11) Any Star Secret behind your success?

Nothing specific …but yes just be humble always!

12) What do you think are the essential qualities an actor should have?

Believe in yourself!

13) Who among the emerging stars of our industry is/are your favorite and why?

Naming one particular actor/actress would be unfair because they all are super talented in their own ways 🙂

14) How do you balance your professional life with personal family life?

The Key is not to take home on the set and not to bring the set back home.

15) How do you keep yourself fit, do you follow any diet regime?

Yes i am very particular about my diet and workouts. No matter how many hours in a day I am working, my day absolutely needs to start by hitting a gym in the morning first thing.

16) What has been the proudest moment in your career for you?

There are loads of proud moments I have had in my career. Can’t mention any one in particular.

17) What is your professional aim as of now?

My aim is to keep improving my art and challenge my own self.

18) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself being loved more and more by my fans 5 years down the line 🙂

19) Any message for all your fans out there?

MASSIVE THANKS and BIG LOVE for being a part of my journey and HUGE RESPECT for their unconditional love!



 Faisal Qureshi : Great friend and an amazing actor

Sumbul Iqbal : Good Costar

 Asim Jofa: “I Wear Asim Jofa” …pure gentleman!

Yasir Nawaz: Unmatchable talent….Respect!

Amina Sheikh: Woahh! Brilliance at its Peak.

Shaista Lodhi: Intellectual and multi talented



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