With artists of all ages and skills making their mark in the Pakistani dramas, the growing popularity of these dramas invites more individuals to feel welcome in expressing their creativity in turn. Among such creative individuals has been Tabassum Arif who has not limited herself to any particular genre of dramas and has been contributing to television both in terms of comedy and serious dramas. Tabassum has been dedicated to bring out good performances no matter what role she takes up. Her popular TV dramas have mostly come on private channels and have been widely appreciated by the audiences. Here she just gave such an exclusive interview by sharing her intensive thoughts…

1. How did you make your way into the acting field? Did you ever take any acting classes?
Never took acting classes, it was just through a first attempt where I got recommended and was made an offer to work to which I agreed and that was my golden opportunity to enter the field of media.

2. Your working stints in every drama simply just an amazing. So how this natural acting 11212293_10153213357011668_502610677_ncomes out from you?
Thank you, for the amazing compliment, I wouldn’t completely agree that it comes naturally to me but I m someone who works really hard for getting deeply involved in my character and only when you can become one with your character, you can fully satisfy your role and that is what I do 🙂

3. Do you think training is important, or is a raw talent good enough?
Again, I’d say it purely depends, there are many people who acquire training and then do a great job but then there are many people who genuinely are passionate about acting and it all comes naturally to them. But still I’d like to add a point, that if one is given an opportunity we should accept the training as it can polish and enhance our acting skills even more.

4. As you are so polish in acting field so why don’t you go for Bollywood platform?
Hahahah, well Bollywood platform requires a lot of more training but definitely if I get a good opportunity which makes me maintain my class, elegance and decency, I will definitely consider an opportunity.

5. You have started your career from acting first, then you came into modeling, so which do you find will give you more support in achieving your goals?
I have majorly been involved in acting only and I m passionate about it so without any doubt I’d definitely choose acting.

6. Inspirational director & producer with whom you like to work?
Many, as all have something unique about them as you get to learn from all.

7. Writer whose script you like most?
Ashfaq Ahmed, Seema Ghazal & Noor ul Huda Shah.

8. How many plays have been done by you?
I have done various plays and serials as I m in this industry from a very long time now.

9. If you weren’t the artist, what would you have been?
I might have been a Fashion Designer because I love stitching and designing.

10. What are your leisure time activities?
Spending time with my family and friends and in Gym.

11. Did you perform in Pakistani movie? If not, why?
I have always been more inclined towards dramas and not movies but seeing the rise in our film industry now, I would consider an opportunity if it is good.

12. Countries in which you have performed?
Pakistan, Dubai, Thailand (for advertisements).

13. What is your family life like? Are there a lot of support for you and your goals? Plus with having a hectic schedule, do you cope up to spend your quality time with your family?
My family is very supportive with me and despite my work; I make sure that there is a balance between my work life and my personal life.

14. What makes you impatient?
Waiting for some results and travelling as I love travelling hahaha.

15. Do you find it easy to memorize your lines?
Never been a difficult task as I believe in properly getting involved into my character. The rest follows then.

16. How do you feel when your fans recognize you and want to talk to you or take your autograph?
It feels really great to be honest because they all give you compliments and it feels great that all your hard work is finally paying off.

17. Most typically Pakistani thing about me?

18. Any celeb crushes?
Arjun Rampal.

19. Your fans would love to know about your future plans and projects. What’s next for Tabassum Arif?

Future plans and projects are to keep making my fans happy and keep up with their feedbacks and do whatever they feel I should be trying next.

For the love of Tabussum personal choice:

1. Three secrets behind your fitness?
Hahaha Gym, personal desire to stay fit and look great in whatever I wear so not staying fit is not even a question.

2. The role you haven’t done yet and would love to do is?
Any role that is challenging.

3. Favorite cuisine?
Sakura because I love Sushi.

4. Your perfect Sunday?
With family.

5. Most daring thing you have done?
I m the most daring person so if you tell me anything I can’t do, that’s rather a challenge for me then.

6. Favorite co-star?
Not one but many as all have given me a great experience.

7. How do you CELEBRATE your victories?
By throwing a nice party and having invited all my family friends and celebrity co stars because no celebration is without all of your dear people.

8. When are you happiest?
When people appreciate the little things that you have done for them and when people appreciate my hard work.

Future plans and projects are to keep making my fans happy and keep up with their feedbacks and do whatever they feel I should be trying next.”

I have always been more inclined towards dramas and not movies but seeing the rise in our film industry now, I would consider an opportunity if it is good…!