The Beauty Scene #2020

Rida Chaudhary, has been in the scene for a while now, has done a lot of work in beauty and creating wonderful makeup looks. Her bridal looks as well as soft makeup looks truly enhance the beautiful you!

1] You being one of the best makeup artists we have in town, tell us what are the bridal makeup trends for 2020?
100 Watt skin and glow with a natural makeover. Of course, it depends on the clients and their peculiar taste.
(I believe in Boby Brown’s philosophy; less is more!)

2. 5 ways to protect your skin and hair from damage.
Consistency is key to a healthy glowing skin
First, use a sunblock with at least above 30 SPF considering the sun exposure in this part of the region.
Second, invest in good skin care products for both, night & day!
Third, Occasionally get your facials by professionals. Guinot Facials have something for all skin types so they are highly recommended.
Fourth, remove your makeup probably as skin breakouts are most commonly caused when make up is not removed properly.
Last but not the least, keep yourself hydrated. Your water intake should be high and improve your diet with healthy fruits and vegetables to ensure healthy and clean skin.

3)How to handle oily skin if we have to put up foundation on that.
Makeup sits well when you prime your skin. Always use oil free products if your skin is oily. Foundation should be oil free too. Carry blotting papers with you. Excess of everything will make your skin oily, so use the needful. Before applying your makeup, dip your face in ice water for a few seconds and then use your primer.

4. Do you prefer making the lips bigger with a pencil in 2020? Why or why not?
As a make up artist I personally believe in enhancing the features but not overdoing it. Overdoing it only highlights the imperfections. Of course, it depends on the clients and their preferences too. I work on making my clients feels beautiful inside out .

5) Tell us how a girl can buy a perfect foundation for herself to use at home? What does she need to keep in her mind?
First thing most important in this regard is your budget ! You can get cheaper good skin care products too but the more you invest in your skin, better results you will see in your makeup application. Always buy a foundation which matches your skin tone -so that even if you have to apply it on your neck /hands etc the uneven colour doesn’t show. My advice to all would be to invest in skin care as opposed to branded makeup because if you have clean ,smooth skin-even the cheapest makeup products will blend in well & look good on you.