The Riveting Rachel in the spotlight

Not all the beautiful models can act strikingly as well. Finding a pearl from the ocean, Social Diary’s correspondent Nudrat Mustafa brought to you a mixture of both- blended admirably. Rachel, not only is a mesmerising model, but also have become a wonderful actor through her dedication and hard work. This week, we had a catch up with her where she revealed many secrets which we would like to share with our lovely readers.

  1. Tell us about your journey. How did you enter the modelling industry?

My first choice was to become an air hostess. But then it changed to modelling. I developed an interest in the dynamics of the industry and decided to pursue it.

  1. How did your family react to the news of you entering the field?

They were quite supportive since my sister is a veteran TV actress she not only supported my decision but also guided me in making career related decisions.

  1. Do you think our fashion industry is open to people with different sects religions? Do you think there is any kind of biasness?

Yes they absolutely are. We are part of a heterogeneous industry and we enjoy religious diversity. There is no biasness at all.

  1. How and why did you decide to give a chance to acting?

For a model there is always a next step which is acting. And since my sister is also an established actor, I felt it necessary to follow in her footsteps.

  1. How was your experience of working in Saya e Khud-e-Zuljalal.

It was an awesome experience for me since it was my first movie. And apart from that being part of such an elaborate and prominent ensemble only added to my excitement.


  1. Share your experience of working with such a big star-cast?

It was an honour to work with such big names. I got to learn a lot from my cast members.

  1. Please share something about your upcoming project?

I am doing another movie about which I cannot disclose yet. Apart from that on the fashion front I am doing the upcoming fashion week and shoots.

  1. Can you tell us what makes you a good fit for this highly demanding profession with the competition being so tough?

I am committed to my trade. I have motivated myself again and again to make it big in the industry. Knowing that the competition is increasing is not enough for me rather doing something about it is.

  1. What are the biggest challenges models and actors have to face?

Competition is getting tougher and tougher by the day and we have to keep up to it

  1. If we take a peek in your makeup kit what would we see?

MAC powder and lipgloss, kajal, white eye pencil and red lipstick!

  1. What are the pros and cons of being famous at such a young age?

Pros are many: people recognize you and appreciate your work. Take selfies with you and make you feel special
Con: Only that sometimes your privacy gets invaded.

  1. Do you enjoy modelling more or acting? What do you enjoy most about it?

I enjoy both. Both have different aspects of interest. Modelling has been my first love when I stepped into the industry. Acting is a new avenue in which I have a lot to explore.

  1. What was your most memorable campaign so far? Why?

Every campaign I have done is memorable for me.

  1. When you’re not busy modelling and acting, what are some of your favourite things to do?
  2. I like spending time with family. Hanging out with friends long drives and vacations
    What advice you would like to give to the aiming models look up to you as their inspiration?

Believe in yourself and focus on what you’re doing. But make sure you assess your talent before you enter. Have a positive attitude. That’s what counts!

Quick choose round:

  • Organic or Junk food? Organic
  • IPhone or Samsung? Samsung
  • Facebook or Instagram? Instagram
  • Karachi or Lahore? Lahore
  • Coke or Pepsi? Coke
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs
  • Book or movie? Movie anytime
  • Sports or games? Games
  • Laughter or smile? Laughter