Angie Marshal, makeup artist shares with us how methodically putting on eye makeup leads to magical eyes

What are the important steps for doing good eye makeup?

The first most important thing is to invest in a good set of brushes . Step 1 when doing your eye makeup , apply eye primer to create a smooth surface . Step 2 is to apply  an eyeshadow base or foundation which will help the shadow to stay on longer.  Step 3   Use a light coloured or nude shadow over your lid up to the crease that blends a darker shade into your crease . Make sure you  blend it well. Step 4 Add highlighter over the crease by sweeping it up to the browbone . Step 5 Use lash curler or lash application . Step 6 is the application of eyeliner and Mascara.

Why is it that at times eye shadow makes eyes look smaller?

Eyes can look smaller with the wrong choice of eye shadow and the way it is applied. The dark smokey eyes make the eyes look smaller also if the eye liner is too thick or rimmed all around the eyes.  This too can make the eyes appear small .

How can shimmer be used for a long lasting glamorous look?

Make sure only to use fine quality products. Use a base or glue  for the proper application of shimmer/ glitter. Also, it is a good idea to cover your under eye to prevent the particles from falling on your skin.

How do I make my eyes stand out with eye makeup?

First even out your lids with a concealer . Fill in the eyebrows with shadow that matches your natural brow with short feathery strokes . To make the eyes look big and bold apply light colour on your lid and create depth with the darker shadow by applying in the crease of eye. This creates an element of dimension. Make sure to blend the lid with the crease to give a seamless look. Apply gel or liquid liner on your top lash And for a smokey effect apply brown or black pencil or shadow onto your lower lash, and apply higher under your eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct. Always use mascara for that glam look.

Which are the eye shades that are in vogue now a days?

This is the time to enjoy making up your eyes and try out different shades on you makeup palette with coloured and even white eyeliners, glitter, silver and  smokey and smudgy eye makeup  are the trends this year .

What is the best way to remove eye makeup?

Eyes are very delicate so special care should be taken to remove makeup. Soak cotton wool balls or cotton pads in water and baby oil, or a gentle eye remover and then gently swipe off in one direction . Repeat once or twice


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