The Undeniable Star Power! ZARNISH KHAN

Some people have to invest endless hours into making a mark for themselves in the entertainment world, while there are others who just come with a natural aura that allows them to own it!

Zarnish Khan is definitely of the latter. Committed, confident, and not to mention, absolutely gorgeous, she wholeheartedly embraces the characters she takes on, having her individualism take center stage.

Social Diary had the pleasure to sit with this vibrant starlet, hitting upon important aspects to her career and the drama industry in general. Read On:


SD: How do you want the narrative for women to change in Pakistani dramas?
Zarnish: It’s not so much the narrative of women that needs changing, it’s the dramas themselves. I feel our TV serials are trying to come down to star plus soaps level. The writers and the channels need to top up the game by introducing topics based on practical life.
SD: Do you feel that you have been a victim of stereotypical scripts? Share your experiences.
Zarnish: Well, to an extent yes, because this is all we are making. I have tried to avoid that in my career by choosing the scripts that click with me. I don’t pick just anything that’s been offered to me.
SD: How can the victimization of women end in our dramas so that more room for constructive roles can take precedence?
Zarnish: Well, this change doesn’t only depend on the writers and producers, it has a lot to do with our people too. They encourage such subjects because they can’t understand anything that goes beyond “saas-bahu” topics. And that is the industry’s fault. Everything needs a little time to be accepted, at least try to break the monotony. Our youth wants to support the industry but there is nothing that catches their attention. So, Hollywood and Bollywood fill the void.
SD: Our dramas are predominantly watched by females and they mostly generate high TRPs for channels. How can we create better stories if our women respond so well to stereotypical, masala dramas?
Zarnish: Introduce new topics, try and educate the nation through tv shows and dramas. We have Innaam-ghar kind of shows aired on every channel, but do we have any show that challenges the intellect? How do you expect the people to grow when all you make is ridiculous chit-chat shows with no value whatsoever?

SD: Are you inclined to do a film soon?
Zarnish: Let’s see what life has in store. I wouldn’t mind if the role is decent and challenging.
SD: What kind of stories do you wish to be a part of?
Zarnish: If I were to pick my all-time desired role, that would be a period film or a drama.
SD: Do you think that our filmmakers and drama producers avoid taking risks which is why we often get to see mundane stories being recycled time and again?
Zarnish: Yes, I believe so. It could be one of the reasons. Everyone wants to make big bucks.
SD: Do you feel that competition now gets to you seeing how more and more new entrants in the field of media are making a name for themselves?
Zarnish: I don’t consider myself a part of this rat-race. My work is just something I do when I have time, just like painting and dancing. Besides our industry is not about quality anymore, it would be petty to even think on those lines.
SD: What would you like to say to our aspiring readers who want to take up acting as a career?
Zarnish: I am a big believer in dreams coming true and I support people who want to give it a shot, I mean why not!? However, don’t rely on it especially when you’re looking to make a living for your family, as it’s mostly a game of luck.



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