Thriving Flair Mohib Mirza for the Win


Mohib, not only famous for his chocolaty looks, is no doubt a very fine actor and above all a great human being. No wonder he belongs to a family of some very ingenious people, which is reflected in his personality as well. His father is from the field of Human Relations and Personnel and managed labour unions and their legal issues (LLB) for various mills, factories, companies and firms; a very creative person with an excellent sense of humour and interestingly he sings and paints as well. Mohib’s mother is a practicing beautician who has taught personal grooming for years and years. In his siblings, he has a sister who is a dentist, is married and lives in the USA. And about his wife, who does not know the very talented Amina Shiekh? So Mohib is lucky enough to have a full package! In a casual chit chat with him, Social Diary’s correspondent Nudrat Mustafa found the wonderful things we always wanted to ask from him.

  1. Tell us about your journey. How were you discovered?

Theatre to TV to films. My first on air TV project was a drama serial by Sahira Kazmi for PTV. Did my first theatre play with a group of close friends, wrote it also and then initially got noticed and made my way up by auditioning.

  1. What do you enjoy more- modeling or acting? Reason?

Acting because I love the process of becoming and portraying a character which is not me in reality. Millions of possibilities of executing the same situation. It excites me.

  1. You made a switch from theatre to television. How was the change?

From theatre to TV to film, all three mediums have their own perks, I like change and challenges as they keep me on my toes, and I learn. So the switch is always a good thing given its strategical and one is ready to learn with arms wide open.

  1. Is acting an easy job or more strenuous than people realize? How so?

Extremely strenuous; both mentally and physically, because it drains you so bad.

  1. What according to you is the strength of Pakistani dramas?

Realism is the strength. Audience can relate to the characters but I wish we start showing Men in more positive roles now.

  1. Most of the Pakistani shows are women centric and you also find many women leading the entertainment sector in Pakistan. What is your opinion on this?

I am neutral about it, TV I guess at the end of the day is for women. Films usually have stronger male centric roles and situations.

  1. How has been your experience of working for films industry? You plan to continue acting in films?

Absolutely I am and will be working in films, I am cut out for big screen and holding audience’s attention. I enjoy the process and the pressure. It’s very challenging every time in every aspect. So it offers me growth.

  1. What are some challenges of being in the public eye?

Smile all the time, constantly being judged, constantly being compared and constantly being evaluated on superficial “numbers and stats”. And still smile all the time 🙂

  1. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Pakistani fashion and modeling industry?

I am not sure about the weaknesses but strengths and great work are always out there making its mark, by all the designers and models. Not only locally but globally. Im proud.

  1. What have been your career highs and lows?

Highs and lows is the name of the game. The actual craft is how one goes through each phase. “Don’t take success to your head and failures to heart”. I am always ready to face lows as a warrior and always humbled and grateful for highs. It has become a second nature to me now.

  1. Tell us about a funny rumor you heard about yourself.

That I am Firdous Jamal’s son.

  1. Does being a celebrity prevent you from being or doing something you really like?

Sometimes yes but if I really really want to do something I love or like, I just do it.

  1. What advice would you give through the platform of Social Diary Magazine to the youngsters who look up to you as their inspiration?

Be yourself. It’s the hardest thing but your truth.

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