Tony Navaid knows how to have fun  



Social Diary spoke to Tony about his recent visit, and what did he do there. Let’s read and see what he was up to during his recent visit abroad…

Where did you go?
I went to the United States of America.
Was it an official trip or personal?
It was an official trip in the initial stages.  I was invited by a Pakistani family to sing on the wedding of their son in Washington DC. Later I took some time off and went on to visit different cities.
Which parts of U.S you traveled while you were there?
I went to New York, Washington DC, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.
What’s the best thing about NYC?
All the places were very clean, very organized, safe well maintained.
What do you miss the most back home while traveling?
My house, my room, my bed, family, friends and voices of my country.
Where did you eat mostly?
I mostly ate home made good wherever I was staying.  Other than that Mexican, Thai, Chinese and continental food were my favorites.
What was the most memorable part of your trip?
When I sang in front of legendary film star Sabiha Khanum jee during one of the events.  She sat next to me and I sang her famous song Lat Uljhi Suljha Ja Rey Baalam.
One place you would recommend the visitors to try the next time they visit NYC?

San Francisco definitely.  I love it.  And Big Sur near to it is one area not to be missed.  It has the legal combination of beautiful mountains and breathtaking sea.




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