Train Travelling And It’s Advantages

By Umar Bin Abdul Aziz

Traveling can be a lot of fun if you have the right transportation. One of the major modes of transportation, trains, is much neglected in Pakistan, but it doesn’t have to be so. Here are some reasons to travel by train in Pakistan.

Train travel offers several advantages over driving an automobile or flying. Train transportation is often cheaper than buying the ticket of luxury bus ticket of Daewoo or others and an airline ticket. It may also be more efficient than driving your car since you don’t have to stop for gas, and trains typically travel at a faster speed with no traffic jam. Finally, if you book a train trip at night, it can also save you the cost of having to stay in a hotel, motel or hostel.

Travels by train and you get to observe the countryside as your steam though it. This is an ideal way to get a feel for an area’s landscape, which impossible to do if you’re flying or driving car and have to keep your eyes on the road. You can enjoy the beautiful mountains and fields along with different cultures. You observe the farmers working in their fields and beautiful animals along with their owners. You can see the historical cities along the railway track and can knowledge about the culture of such areas.

Mass transportation such as train travel can make a positive difference for the environment, which can be an important factor if you are an ecologically conscious traveler. For example, by riding a train, you may be helping to lower carbon emissions. Riding a train also means you are not contributing to the gridlock of cars on the road. Environment pollution has been reached to high level in over the world and creating serious problems for human and animal’s life. Such factor should be focused on individual as well as national level so to avoid environment pollution, Train travel is best.

Train seating and private cabins are typically more spacious and comfortable than smaller seating offered in automobile and airplanes. In many modern trains, you can recline the seats into a fully horizontal position.  For best results, book a seat away from the doors at either end of the train car so you’re not disturbed by the coming and going other passengers. You can sleep in your cabin and locked the door inside. Businessman and professional can travel across the Pakistan for their activities and can take rest during the journey. Train travel provides the facility of sleeping in all classes’ i.e. economy class as well as business class.

 Travelling by train gives one the possibility of moving freely around the cabin and coach. Moreover, in the trains operating on the Pakistan rail routes there are sleeper cabins, ample foot room and restaurant cars which provide amenities for long journey. This means of transportation does not have the turbulence frequently experienced in airplanes nor does it feel cramped like car travel.

Travelling by train is best for smokers and patient of diabetes that use washroom frequently. In train you enjoy journey with natural environment, it is free of dirty smell and you can find neat and clean seats and toilets.

Train travel is family oriented means of transportation. You can travel with family and book the separate cabin where nobody will be allowed to disturb during the whole journey. Family can easily travel without any tension and harassment. Children can move freely in cabin and they can learn different things by seeing the countryside that is not in their school syllabus.

Train travel increases the social bonds between people of different provinces, areas, and professionals of different fields. You can meet people of different religion, cast, color and background. Due to such meetings people can understand each other and it create harmony and unity in nation.

Travelling by train is safe and sound. You are protected by police at railway stations as well as in running trains. At railway station you have no extra security checking and obstacles like on airport. You don’t need to stand in line for hours for buying tickets. If you are travelling with family then train travel is better for you because here you have easy approach law agencies. Here you can return your ticket according to rules and regulation. It’s a government services so you have been provided many rights and benefit which are not given by private buses.

You can read and write easily during train journey. In train time spending is easy and mostly people reading train travelling. So time use up easily without boring.

Punctuality can be found by train travel. Trains run on fixed time and never late of time. People can adjust and plan their activities according to specific timing.  Here extra wait passengers are impossible, as like practiced by bus drivers on roads. People have no rights at local bus transportation and are totally on the willing of bus driver. Bus Drivers always gluttonous for extra passengers for more money even they have no seat and space.

Train travelling is flexible. Trains stop at different stations. You can leave train where you want. You can buy food items from shops and restaurants on big stations either you can purchase it from dining car of train. You can stand at platform while it stops station for some time. You can taste food of different areas through train travelling only.


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