Tricks to Make Your Blowout Last for Days

You just got your locks blown out and you feel oh so glam. Wish you could keep those strands smooth and styled for days? You can. Here’s how.

Start with squeaky clean hair
Cleansing your hair properly is the foundation to any long-lasting style. Follow the golden rule of shampoo: rinse and repeat. The first shampoo will be the most clarifying, and will remove any buildup in the hair. The second wash is the ‘security shampoo,’ as we like to call it, to ensure all the buildup is completely gone.” With a double shampoo, your strands (and scalp) will be prepped and ready for a long-lasting blowout.
Don’t skip conditioner
Make sure to use a lightweight, hydrating conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. If your conditioner is too heavy for your hair type, it will actually make it produce oil faster. Use some gentle, silicone-free formula.
Prep with the right products
Using the right products to prep your hair is another must-have step in a long lasting blowout. always use some styling spray on wet hair before grabbing the hair dryer. It not only protects hair from heat styling, which can otherwise damage hair, but it also defends against humidity, reducing the frizz factor that often sabotages blow-outs.
Be careful not to overwork the hair
When blow drying your hair, it’s important to make sure you’re not overheating or over-drying your hair. The general rule is that “If the section of hair you’re working on is already dry, move on to the next section.” You can also try using a blow dryer designed to restore moisture. As you dry, nanoe technology pulls moisture out of the air and creates moisture-rich particles that then get deposited into your hair.
Pin as you go
We love to create pin curls as soon as we finish a section with the blow dryer. This ensures the hair is setting in the desired shape while it cools, which helps it last longer.
Finish with hairspray
After the hair is completely dry and cooling down with a pin curl set, give strands a spritz of hairspray. Use a water-based, alcohol-free formula that’s not stiff or sticky.
Sleep on silk
Silk pillow cases are on every beauty aficionado’s must-have list. “Silk won’t cause friction between your hair and the pillowcase, so your style won’t be disrupted during sleep”. Not only will this extend the longevity of your blowout and your complexion, but you’ll feel like royalty sleeping on luxe silk.
Wrap your hair while you snooze
In addition to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, try wrapping your strands while you sleep. We advise you to split their hair down from the part and twist each side away from the face into two buns”. “Secure with a few long bobby pins instead of a hair tie, so you don’t get a dent in your hair. When you release your hair from the pins in the morning, shake your hair back into place and enjoy your perfect waves.”
Dry shampoo and conditioner
Using dry shampoo is a no-brainer to prolong your style, but you’ll also want to add dry conditioner, a formula that helps hydrate dry hair from midshaft to ends. “When you wake up, massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and finish with dry conditioner on ends to refresh and add shine.
Rock a shower cap
Clearly, a shower cap is great for keeping hair dry while you shower. But not all caps are created equal. You’ll want one that’s tight along the hairline and lined with terrycloth, a tight hairline will ensure your baby hairs won’t get wet, and the terry cloth will soak up any humidity that sneaks in. You can also pull your hair into a topknot by securing it with a few long bobby pins before placing the cap on your head. No water, no humidity, and no frizz equals a longer-lasting blowout!
Style strands right
Knowing how to work with your blowout as the days go on is key. If you’re starting with a bouncy blowout, after a few days, you can transform the look into beachy waves for the next day, or two. After your wavy days, you can turn your tresses into a trendy ponytail or braids reaching a full five to seven days on the original blowout.
Give your hair a major dose of moisture
Before your next blowout, apply a nourishing hair mask for 10 to 15 minutes or you can try a DIY olive oil treatment. This will add moisture back into your hair to prep for a beautiful, long-lasting style. “Healthy and hydrated hair will always hold a longer style, so make sure to keep up with your treatment masks,”




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