Wahaj Ali

Wahaj Ali – Actor.

Following the success of Mahetamam, there has been no looking back for Wahaj. Come join Social diary to get an insight into the life of Wahaj Ali.

  1. Please tell us about your background; dob, family, siblings education, etc.

Ans. Im actually the first one to join entertainment industry from my family. My father is in government services and mother in education department. I did my masters from NCA and then being the only child to my parents I got my way to do what I want very easily.

  1. Share with us your journey. How did you enter the industry?

Ans. I always wanted to be an actor, it was my ultimate plan. I was already working and then I gave an audition for television. Got my first break through that and then never looked back.

  1. You have a knack of a model in yourself too! How do you find acting different from modelling? Which of the two do you enjoy more?

Ans.Acting I think comes natural to me. Modelling for me is harder; to hold the same expression is something I can’t do honestly. I’m very happy and content being an actor

  1. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Pakistani drama industry?

Ans. Biggest weakness at this time is that the quality is declining because so much is being created now and strength is the talent now. Educated people in a sense that people who have command over this field are coming in; production value has increased which is a very big factor in creating good content now


  1. What are the pros and cons of being famous at such a young age?

ANS. The most amazing feeling is that you can influence someone’s life in a good way, how anything you say can matter and con will be honestly that you have to look good all the time, even when you go for a drive haha

  1. You are an industry stalwart; an admired actor, If you had not been a part of the drama industry, what would you have liked to be?

Ans. If not in acting I would have been a teacher and by now must be lecturing students somewhere

  1. To be an actor so in demand must be very taxing. How supportive is your wife when you put in long hours at work? How do you strike a balance?

Ans. Balance is the key especially when it comes to manage private and personal life. But honestly my wife keeps me really motivated. She understands that it’s the right time to work and she keeps me going even when Imp lazy about it.

  1. What qualities do you feel a successful actor should have?

Ans. Being an artist I believe is not just about having a command over your craft but also how you manage the pros and cons that come along. In this field one can be feel either too dejected or too over the top, the main quality is to know how to stay grounded against all odds.

  1. Any plan of experiencing the film industry?

Ans. Not anytime soon.

  1. What have been some career highs and lows?

Ans. I still have to do lots of work to examine my career graph. As of now there is a lot to experience to have an answer for that.

  1. What was the best professional advice you have been given, and from who?

Ans. I was working with Nauman Ijaz and he told me to be like water. He said water makes its own ways and talent is just the same. Also he said always remember less is more and I actually go by these words both in my professional as well as personal life.

  1. Tell us about the most interesting fan encounter.

Ans. Most interesting would be that some young girls rang the bell at 11pm at night and they have just come to lecture me why I got married so early. It was really sweet and funny and totally unexpected. First I thought it was a prank but it was true lol

  1. Your two turn on and two turn offs are….

Ans. My biggest turn on is when I see my daughter smiling, it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world and secondly it would be when I deliver a good scene. Biggest turn off is when someone knows he’s doing the right work but still doesn’t agree. It sends me jitters and second would be lying.

  1. What advice you would give to someone aspiring to be an actor.

Ans. I would just say that it’s actually a lot of hard work so only come when you’re willing to give your heart and soul to it. Stay dedicated and work hard and rest let the destiny play its role.

Thank you.

Team Social Diary Magazine.


Being an artist I believe is not just about having a command over your craft but also how you manage the pros and cons that come along.



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