Why Women Need to Practice Self-defense More offen than Usual

By Sana Khan Nadeem

The world can be an intimidating place. You are a woman; you leave your house for multiple reasons. You are alone. You have money and precious belongings with you. You are driving a car or riding with an Uber driver. Under these circumstances, you should know how to defend yourself.
Pakistan is seeing rampant cases of rape that require young women to have self-defense tactics ready when they are under threat. Preplanning and reacting quickly are important to consider when traveling alone. Women are shrewd; let’s take that as a compliment! When trepidations are high, self-defense is the sky’s limit. Here are a few non-lethal gadgets that will debilitate your attacker:

Stun Gun
Need some protection from a bully? Stun gun is the best choice to opt for safety. They can disable the attacker temporarily through a non-lethal but high voltage electric shock. Just having the gun up in the air is enough to keep an attacker away.
Pepper Spray Gun
Walk with confidence if you have a pepper spray gun with you. This is also known as a capsicum spray gun. Capsicum is a compound that causes eye irritation, pain and temporary blindness. The gun is also used in policing, riots, crowd control and to ward off wild animals.
Credit Card Knife
These handy blades are conveniently disguised as credit cards. You can quickly slip them out of your wallet and use them against your attacker.
Tactical Pen
This gadget looks like a pen and works as one too. Just when danger lurks, it can be used to jab, stab and batter the living hell out of an opponent!
Strike Light
When an abrupt noise wakes you up in the middle of the night, what do you do?
Do you take a tactical flashlight or a hockey stick with you? Well, you carry both with a strike light!
It includes a powerful LED flashlight and multiple light modes – the best self-defense mode being a disorienting strobe setting. If the situation goes from bad to worse, the solid aluminum construction lets you use the light as a baton. The barrel expands another four inches when you twist the equipment.
Considering physical and sexual harassment, the following self-defense techniques will empower you more than ever to defend yourself under mysterious circumstances.
Hammer Punch
Focus on the attacker’s vulnerable points; eyes, nose, throat and groin. Strike the target with your fist shaped as a hammer. Emphasize on quick recoil so your arm works like a whip.
Groin Kick
If someone is coming at you from the front, a groin kick may deliver enough force to paralyze the attacker, allowing you to escape.
Heel Palm Strike
This move can cause damage to the opponent’s nose or throat. To execute, approach your attacker as close as possible, maintaining safe distance. With force, attack your enemy using the palm of your dominant hand. Make sure you recoil your strike.
Elbow Strike
If your attacker is in close range and you are unable to punch, employ the elbow strike method. Strike your elbow into the attacker’s neck with vigor.
Remember, you can only pull off these methods provided you practice and develop the confidence to confront your harasser. You should learn to develop boundaries, even with those whom you know well. Try not to isolate yourself from public spaces, and have the nearest police station’s number saved in your cell phone. You are strong, ladies! Be safe, be vigilant.


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