Yasser Anees Sheikh Brings up some latest trends for 2015

Fashion designer Yasser Anees Sheikh runs his label Raj@YAS, in which he specifically designs heavy formal and bridal wear and put one of the most important elements to make a beautiful dress for bride & bride groom. Here he just gave such a small interview to Social Diary, by talking on what trends exactly will come on way to 2015 and how to carry your outfit with a perfect style.

  • How did you start your label?
    It all started in 2004, almost 11 years back with a very small investment. I started from my home like taking along my relevant education and learnt to improvise my ideas, blending it with what I studied. By this I managed to make bread n butter initially.


  • Have you ever studied some professional learning in fashion designing?11128798_10153126472471668_1787624309_n
    Of course, I am a Fashion Graduate from Iqra University ISD. And I strongly believe that without the specific formal education you can never get into the league of competitors.


  • What material and techniques do you favor to use in your product?
    More precisely, I would say that instead of segmenting products I prefer to work on philosophy which is quite traditional and above all I prioritize intricacy. This explains all itself.


  • The season of summer is known for its bold and bright shades, so what color trends of 2015 are on the way for fashionable bride and bride groom?
    For me, red says so accurately about the brides even today. If still being asked then I’ll incorporate orange or likewise shades with red. While talking of grooms I will definitely go with beige and golden considered all time favorites till date.


  • The old style of stone work & dabka still on, or some new kind of embellishments took place?
    Well it totally depends upon the moods we are working on. Having said that already that without intricacy is so very important ingredient to even start with the embellishments.


  • You are so much specialized in designing prêt line, so what kind of styles you say best to carry light parties?
    Well it’s quite a wide range to play with once we talk on evening or light parties, (as u said). I believe playing around with straight short silhouettes for shirts with straight cigarette pants and blending the combination with chevon fabrication adding delicate pinch of embroideries will leave make it simple to carry as well as looking gorgeous. Silk and digital prints can also do the magic and make you look outstanding.


  • As every time too much colors, prints and accessories can’t wear all together; it looks gaudy, so suggest some selective dressing sense to have an elegant covering for summer evening parties?
    This summer is going to be as good as we had been facilitating since over a decade. To elaborate it further I must say refreshing prints are to be worn keeping the occasion’s theme and season. Besides that if someone has to go with the vibrant stuff; they can but I suggest them to minimize their accessories then. Wearing delicate earrings with very light make up or an elegant chain will help it to give a neutral finish.


  • You have launched your stitched one piece shirts this year, so the fabric is wearable to beat the heat this summer?
    For sure, it is the finest of the Lawn fabric, available and made in Pakistan. The same is been knitted at our own units with extreme attention to keep it as pure n light as it could be. We are developing fabric from the finest yarns to the style till the product.


  • Do you feel more comfortable in working with international models or our local ones?
    My preference will always be the local ones. It seems biased when I say it as I am great patriot. But looking from my eye I find Pakistani models are the perfect to carriers of both ethnic and western designs. Undoubtedly the international models do justify well with the western dresses still I believe keeping our kind of contemporary styling and blends, I want my own local models to hit the ramps with their signature walks.


  • When you go abroad to showcase your collection, then which sort of clients you target?
    Talking about our niche abroad are the Paki’s residing all around the globe. Not only are them, also our ethnic designs very popular in the foreigners as well.


  • What are cuts and fabric material coming in 2015?10924706_10155065292420655_6835155426234685174_n
    2015 will most likely be depending upon the cuts as well as the short silhouette designs. Fabric may vary according to the season, occasions and the fashion norms.


  • As you are Islamabad based and opened your new branch in Lahore so what difference you exactly see in both markets regarding fashion sense, buying power and etc?
    Of course, there is a difference between both the markets compared to Islamabad, Lahore is a much bigger industry but Alhamdillalah I am overwhelmed with the response I have gotten so far. People here really like and appreciate my work and as there are loyal clients and happy families in Islamabad, I plan to experience the same in Lahore.


  • You are perfect to design menswear collection, so what trends are on way for casual wear?
    As you seem aware of; our perfection is our stitching details and we are up for seasonal color palette this year, with little embroideries/motives in various articles. Yasir Anees designs are over the board and worn across all age groups. Here i must specify our premier line exclusively produced fabric, Karandi; there in too we work in quite summery color palette which looks decent yet elegant.


  • In future, except Islamabad & Lahore, where else you would like to open more new outlets?
    I believe that fashion should reach out by any geographic and demographics barriers. My vision is to provide customized services in all over Pakistan and Nationwide.


  • As you work for prêt, men & bridal wear, so which one line you think is more interesting to work?
    In a nut shell i would say, that i enjoy Designing completely may it be any thread or Pattern beyond any gender specification. I might not be able to categorize the Link; it’s like sometimes dressing my Bride & Groom’s attire is a fascinating job and sometimes its prêt which brings a smile to my face while execution.

“This summer, I must say refreshing prints are to be worn keeping the occasion’s theme and season. Besides that if someone has to go with the vibrant stuff; they can but I suggest them to minimize their accessories then. Wearing delicate earrings with very light make up or an elegant chain will help it to give a neutral finish.”