Zaheer Kiani is here to share secrets to get rid of your belly fat!

After how long will the belly fat start to lessen down?

No magic pill or diet will erase belly fat to eliminate your lower-abdominal pouch, you must make lifestyle changes. You must change your diet and activity level to lose excess fat and keep it off. The excess fat of your lower abdominals will return if you don’t follow these steps – and continue doing so.

Reducing your waist circumference has nothing to do with hundreds of crunches and sit-ups. To remove fat from your mid-section, you must change your eating habits and increase the amount of physical activity you get each day. There is no magic pill or starvation diet that will allow you to lose your waist and keep off the pounds. Lifestyle changes will reduce your waist circumference and keep off the excess fat

(2)Cut calories from your daily diet by eliminating high-calorie foods and substituting them with low-calorie alternatives. Your diet should mainly consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. There are about 3,500 calories in one pound of fat, so to lose one pound per week, you must cut 500 calories from your daily diet.


Frequency Minimum 3 days a week, try best to increase your frequency form 3 to 5 days

As 3 mints of cardio aerobics, like running &stairs HIIt (higher intensity interval) run break and run again


Cardio aerobics

15 mints running internals

15 mints stairs intervals


Strength training is very important to maintain muscle mass and toning, should be done full body if you’re going to hit 3 days

Chest and back

Legs and shoulders

Biceps triceps and abs



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