10 things you should know from Syma Raza Jewellery designer of Sonar Jewellers

Jewelry designer Syma Raza runs her label in which she also does consultancies for her clients of how to carry your jewelry with a perfect style. Here she just gave such an exclusive interview to Social Diary, by talking on what jewelry trends exactly will come on way to 2015…

  • How did you start your label?
    I started off with a vision to portray a timeless line of affordable jewelry that would represent a couture-like look. With my background in Graphic designing, I was able to incorporate that into designing more innovative and creative designs. I started the Brand ‘Sonar’ in 2009, from USA, and officially launched it in 2011 at Tehxeeb, Lahore.


  • How do you approach a new collection? Where do your ideas evolve from?
    Creating new and fresh design is exciting and invigorating and probably the force that drives me. I travel quite a bit and hand picks my stones and designs come naturally once I have the raw material in hand.


  • How big is the accessory business today from when you started?IMG_2587
    Sonar is the brand that actually revolutionized the whole gold-plated jewelry business. Before Sonar the concept of high-end gold plated jewelry was not mainstream. Since the launch of Sonar, what started as an idea turned into a phenomenon and has become widely recognized and well known.


  • What materials and techniques do you favor to use in your product?
    We use our own secret blend of metal, which stands out from all other gold plated jewelry brands. Most our jewelry is handmade and that’s our best technique.


  • Which kind of jewellery trends like silver or gold form is uprising today for a bridal wear?
    Gold never gets old, it’s still gold and bright gold. I like to give a touch of antique finish to some of my pieces. Trendy brides are wearing layers, like old days, lots of layers, finishing up their beautiful bridal with malas, and jhoomer!!


  • As every time too much rings, earrings and necklaces can’t wear all together, it looks IMG_6166gaudy, so suggest some selective pieces to wear to have elegant dressing for evening parties?

Our philosophy at Sonar is “making every woman who wears a ‘Sonar’ piece feels magnificent”, with that said we encourage our clients to choose a piece that not only goes well with their outfits but also their personality. An elegant set can enhance the look of a simple outfit or our show-stopper earrings can accentuate a heavy dress.

  • The colorful stones you use in your collection are all real or fake?
    We only use precious stones to give the real look to our gold plated jewelry.


  • Usually gold plated silver jewellery get zinc after wearing too much and not caring of it, so is there any difference in your collection?
    Sonar jewelry is gold plated over our special blend of metal, this metal wears gold stronger then silver or brass that is common in the market. Importantly, our jewelry is LEAD FREE & Nickel free, and will not cause an allergic reaction! Gentle care is always encouraged, but in case of mishandling or accidents, we provide our customers with 3 years warranty on stones and plating as well as lifetime warranty on polishing, breakage and stones. With Sonar you’re always in good hands.


  • How can people approach your brand to buy?
    Sonar is available online as well as at many reputable stores around the world, and we also host exhibitions and fashion shows around the world.
    In Pakistan we are available in Islamabad, Lahore, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, coming soon to Karachi




For details you can check our locations on our face book page or website listed below
webite: http://www.sonarpk.com/, https://www.facebook.com/sonarpk


Which one you would like to say, multi colors with artist designs or plain with no stones trend for 2015???
Both! Our goal is to bring forth stunning and unique designs in both styles so our customers can make that decision for themselves. Both ways Sonar woman will look magnificent and that’s our promise.

“Gold never gets old, it’s still gold and bright gold. I like to give a touch of antique finish to some of my pieces….”


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