11 Beauty survivals you must know from Babloo

A Pakistani fashion & celebrity stylist!

Famous beautician Babloo just gave such a small interview of what beauty trends exactly will come on way to 2015 and how to carry your good looks with a perfect style.
1. What is the favorite ‘summer evenings’ look?231
Favorite summer look is tinted moisture light blush with lip gloss & wear a nice prêt kurta with nice accessories like shoes and bags … Simple yet beautiful.

2. What is the best way to have a bronzed look without being too sun- tanned for summer?
Light bronzer on top of your tinted moisturizer would be perfect!

3. I am completely fair and get super oily skin. I do my best to moisturize, but my makeup still seems to look so oily and flaky. What types of cosmetics should I opt for to get additional hydrating benefits?
A matt product for oily skin is always a good combination.

4. What’s the best way for me to reduce and mask heat-induced redness?
Keep your skin moisturized at all times.

5. How do I keep my hair healthy during the grim these months?
Condition them … give less heat to the hair put them up in a pony tail as much as you can.

6. As this time, many weddings to be held, so what kind of bridal trends are currently update?
Very soft makeup up look with very lightly worked upon bridal outfit.

7. How can I keep my cuticles healthy during this time?
Use Coco Butter to preserve the cuticles and have a regular manicure, it would be a great help.

8. What’s the make-up color scheme for this fresh breezy air especially for sunny days?
A dash of pink mixed with beige would be a good color mix.

9. What lipstick color will suit my warm-toned skin best this season?
Peach true pinkish or beige is all summer fresh colors.

10. To give sexy glow skin touch, what should I consider most, highlighters or blush-on???
Cool blushers.

11. The hairstyle that every bride is demanding “Side Fish Tail”, so what do you say is it a temporary one, or will it stay for long period?
This is temporary as bridal hair do’s keep on changing with the times.

“A matt product for oily skin is always a good combination.”


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