In Conversation with Halina Khan Pretty & So Powerful!

Meet the firebolt who is out there making things happen for her. Supremely talented and incredibly passionate, Halina Khan is a singer-songwriter who is creating waves with her exceptional musical talent. But that is not all she has going on for her. Hailing from a business oriented family, Halina is also a major entrepreneur who is running her own couture line as well. This mega talented starlet is the definition of what it means to be limitless as she continues to impress with her plethora of craft. Social Diary had the pleasure of knowing her more as she shed light on how her music continues to evolve as she also keeps a stronghold in the world of clothing and fashion. How does a person even manage to do that? Read on to learn how she is juggling it all so perfectly!

SD: When was it you first realized that music was your passion?
Halina: I was quite young about 14/15 years old and I had the ability to sense good music which led me to discover my voice! I used to perform at jamming sessions with my family and friends but later all came in place and pushed me to dream about releasing my own single!
SD: Did you take on any professional training to make your mark?
Halina: Yes, my ustaad comes every alternate day and way before I thought of releasing my single I used to practice music which made me get better and better each day because there’s always room for improvement.
SD: Is there a specific music genre you cater to?
Halina: Well, I am a pop singer but I believe in versatility. So I’d want to cater to what I can pursue well.
SD: How do you wish to expand your musical persona to cater to people of different walks of life?
Halina: I don’t wish to stick to one genre. I want to explore what can be done and what I am capable of. Of course I want to sing for myself, for this undying passion within me but if people like my songs then why not give or release something the trend is going towards!

SD: Are there any new releases to expect in 2022?
Halina: Definitely, I have a lot planned – fingers crossed.
SD: Do you feel our music industry is advancing strong enough to make a global impact?
Halina: 100% – the talent in our country is impeccable! In my opinion we already have made a global impact.
SD: Is there a music collaboration you wish for and why?
Halina: Let’s keep that a secret.
SD: How do you bring forth a creative edge to your music ?
Halina: I let my composers do the magic and let me be a part of it.
SD: Do you feel there is heavy competition to keep artists on their toes to create magic with tunes?
Halina: No doubt, the talent in the world keeps on releasing HITS (which ain’t a bad thing) but one feels like we should push ourselves to do best too!
SD: What led to the creation of Halina Khan Couture?
Halina: I’m an artist and I always wanted to share my creativity with the world by designing or by music. Halina Khan Couture is my first creativity which people love!
SD: Do you feel entrepreneurship came to you naturally?
Halina: It runs in the family, but yes… I always wanted to do something of my own!
SD: What were the major setbacks you had to face while making your mark in the world of fashion?
Halina: The clothing competition is REAL! Especially in Pakistan. As you need to cater to what people like in this country, getting the right thing out is kinda tough.


How will 2022 be different for you
A lot of music that I never did before!
Your most prized possession?
My Song
Your favorite singer?
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab & Noor Jahan Jee
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Interruption while listening to a song
Three things you have with you all the time?
A book to read, my ATM card and my dreams

Your life’s motto?
Do Good, Live Good!
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Late nights enthusiast
Desi Wear or Western
Deepest Fear
Biggest Regret
No regrets
An Inspiring Role Model
My mom
Biggest Strength
My own aura
Someone you wish meet
Queen Elizabeth
Top 3 things on your bucket list
1. Releasing new hits
2. World tour
3. Work on women empowerment
The best thing about your work
I always focus on doing the best
The worst thing about your work
Your favorite album?
Doorie by Atif Aslam
What people don’t know about you?
My fears
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself
No rumor
Your dream destination
A drama you wish you had been a part of:



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