29 Things you should know about WALEED KHALID

One of Pakistan’s emerging hot fashion models, Waleed Khalid is marvelously making his prominent place in the fields of modeling. He has so many dreams and plans practically to fly on the heights. In fact hard work and sincerity with the effort make his one of the shining stars of our Pakistani fashion industry. Here he just gave such an exclusive rapid fire interview to express his thoughts, so for the full ride, here you go!

1. What do you value most of it: Love, appreciation or money?

2. Coffee or tea?
3. Favorite city for vacations?
Greece, Mykonos.

4. Favorite flowers?

5. Like to wear jeans or cotton pants in SUMMERS ?

6. Your inspiration?
Salman Khan.

7. Which sunscreen, facewash or moisturizer now days in summer?

8. Favorite decade?
2010 till onwards.

9. Designer you love?

10. Signature scent?

10. Favorite evening dressing style?
Jacket with bottom down shirt and jeans.

13. Favorite accessory?
Wrist watch.

14. Cutest thing any kid ever said to you?
“Can I fly like a superman…”

15. Never leave house without?
Hugging my mom.

16. Most ridiculous thing ever bought?
Horrible t-shirt.

17. What are you planning to switch your current field modeling in to???

18. Latest obsession?
Want to learn guitar.

19. I know I’m home when I m wearing?

20. Any celeb crushes?
Rosie Huntington.
21. Awkward thing you have ever tried on?
Many at fashion shows.

22. Best compliment you have ever received?
Down to earth and family oriented…!

23. Your perfect Sunday?
Chilling at my best friend place.

24. What makes you impatient?
Waiting for someone.

25. Three secrets behind your good fitness?
Daily exercise, healthy food and positive thinking.

26. Most daring thing you have done yet?
Caught a thief.
27. Your favorite cuisine?

28. What do you prefer the most for your future: Acting, modeling or hosting?
All the above.

29. What’s next for Waleed???
Wait and watch!


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