29 things you should know about Yasser Anees Sheikh

Fashion designer Yasser Anees Sheikh runs his label Raj@YAS, in which he designs heavy formal, bridal wear & luxury prêt line, and put one of the most important elements to make a beautiful dress for his clients. Here he just gave such a quick rapid fire interview to Social Diary.

1. What do you value most of it:
Love, appreciation or money?
Love & money.

2. Coffee or tea?
Coffee anytime.

3. Favorite city for vacations?

4. Favorite flowers?
Acacia- It’s an imported flower which means ‘Hidden Love’.

5. Like to wear jeans or cotton pants?

6. Your inspiration?
It depends. I get inspired by things time to time.

7. Which sunscreen or moisturizer usually?
I don’t use any so it’s hard to suggest.

8. Favorite decade?

9. Designer you love?

10. Signature scent?

Not specific. I always blend 5 at a time and make one for me.

11. Favorite evening dressing style?
Denim shirt and my favorite waistcoat with my own brand’s crest on.

12. Favorite accessory?
My favorite belts & shoes. Have their huge collection.

13. Cutest thing your daughter ever said to you?
When she says, “Baba I LOVE YOU” in her own alienated baby language.

14. Never leave house without?
My gadgetry.

15. Most ridiculous thing ever bought?
Chinese shoes. they were of some famous Chinese brand I bought but never worn them.

16. What are you planning to switch your current field designing into???
I’m not planning to switch my designing field but yes have already switched to a new line of it i,e. “Pret”.

17. Latest obsession?
Audi A6.

18. I know I’m home when I m wearing?
My favorite 10yr old pajamas.

19. Any celeb crushes?
No- If I tell, my wife would kill me so let’s skip this one.

20. Awkward thing you have ever tried on?
Dhoti and kurta on my friend’s wedding.

21. Best compliment you have ever received?
“You’re handsome enough to get me”. I cannot mention name but some lady had given me such compliment.

22. Your perfect Sunday?
Lazy Sunday. Lying on bed, having food on bed, watching TV throughout, getting everything on bed. When I don’t have to get ready. No-Rush-No-Work, this all makes my Sunday perfect.

23. What makes you impatient?
My new/upcoming design collection and its production.

24. Three secrets behind your way of working?
Faith, parents and my Murshid. (My spiritual guide).

25. Most daring thing you have done yet?
Victoria fall, 110m, Zimbabwe, bungee jumping.

26. You favorite cuisine?

What do you prefer the most for your future: Acting, modeling or designing?
Acting & designing.

What’s next for Yasser???
A lot of exciting plans & projects are in pipeline which you would see eventually- InshaAllah.


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