3 Bento Box Lunches


This week Social Diary is here to share some easy bento box lunch ideas for little ones! Hope you enjoy them!

DIY Tortillas

  • corn tortilla chips
  • shredded cheese (use vegan cheese or leave out for dairy-free version)
  • turkey
  • cheese, cut into circles (I used cheddar – use vegan cheese or leave out for dairy-free version)
  • fresh fruit – pictured above: peach slices, watermelon chunks, blueberries and blackberries

Turkey and Cheese Roll-ups

  • turkey slices, swiss and cheddar cheese slices)
  • raw almonds (leave out for nut free version)
  • raw veggies: celery, grape tomatoes, cauliflower and zucchini
  • multigrain crackers with sunbutter
  • apple slices
  • grapes

Smashed Chickpea Sandwich

  • Smashed Chickpea Sandwich – with multigrain bread (use gluten free as needed) – cut into bite-sized portions – fill with smashed chickpeas, smashed avocado, salt & pepper, kale (or lettuce)
  • fresh fruit – peach slices, blackberries, chopped watermelon
  • raw vegetables – zucchini, cucumber and / or celery
  • banana
  • hummus with sugar or snap peas and multigrain crackers


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