There is always someone in your life, bringing you down and making you feel bad about yourself. Even though these toxic people are unavoidable, how you deal with them is your choice. If you are not careful they can end up influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. No matter how many walls you put up, they will somehow end up getting through to you and leaving a bitter taste. Here is a list of 5 such people you should steer clear of…

1. Negative Nancies
If someone close to you is always resentful, angry and unhappy; their negativity is bound to rub off on you. To be around people who always see the glass half empty is dangerous. These people are anxious, always worried, pessimistic and they complain a lot. They can depress you and drain the positivity.

2. The self-proclaimed critics
Starting from the little things like your shoes to your future goals, they will criticize every bit of your life. Yes we all need reality check and could use people who do this but in a way that helps us grow. That is called constructive criticism. But nobody needs it from a judgmental person who always pulls you down.

3. The victims
The people who always play the blame game, almost in a way that everything that has gone wrong in their life is because of someone else. They never take responsibility for their actions and eventually, end up blaming you too. You must escape and take cover before you get into empathising with them and getting pulled into their trap.

4. Those who do not care
Sadly, a lot of us hang on to a person in life who just doesn’t care about us. It may be because we are not ready to let go or we hope things will change someday, but the honest truth is there is no point in holding on to someone who makes you second guess if they really care about you.

5. The jealous types
We all get jealous sometimes, and we enjoy it when our loved ones sometimes get a little jealous about our successes. But some people are always jealous and never happy with what they have and can never stand good things happening to you. You shouldn’t think twice about keeping your distance from such people.


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