6 DIY Bird Feeder Ideas Here’s For Our Feathered Friends

If you want more birds in your yard, the first thing you need to do is attract them. There are various specialized feeders you can buy for different kinds of birds, but the cost can add up. Consider making your own feeders instead. These DIY bird feeder projects are a fun way to liven up your yard for much less than you’d spend buying a quality feeder from a store. It doesn’t really have to be heavy on the pocket but you can attain amazing results when you get just a little crafty and create these catchy little projects. Not only do they brighten your yards but they will definitely make the birdies around you happy and chirpy. Social Diary’s favourite picks !

This whimsical bird feeder is one of the easier projects to make and a great way to upcycle vintage teacups that you otherwise wouldn’t use. If you don’t have any on hand, head to a local antique shop or thrift store to find one.

This project turns out much like a typical tower feeder that you would buy in the store but for a fraction of the cost. If you have a rodent problem, this bird feeder can help because the mesh cloth prevents seed waste from falling on the ground.

So it turns out you can create a very interesting and creative Lego bird feeder too. It is sturdy, has a great color to attract the birds and is also very easy to clean out too.

Suet is another term for rendered fat, and it’s vital to help birds survive a long winter. This style of feeder attracts clingers like woodpeckers, but most any bird that’s hungry enough and hasn’t migrated will be attracted to this ornamental feeder in wintertime.

Add a touch of farmhouse style to your yard with this mason jar and chicken feeder upgrade. The larger the mason jar, the less you’ll be outside refilling.

You know those tins which are just lying around. You can now put them to good use. How about having your little ones get in on the fun? Make them paint some interesting designs and have these hanging all over your backyard.


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