There’s a reason ‘Greenery’ was chosen as Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year; adding some green inside your home is a very good thing because plants help clean the air and provide more oxygen. Also, besides helping clean indoor air, plants can really help spruce up a space. Just adding a touch of nature to a space can make the ambiance fresher, and they can be displayed in a variety of ways.

  1. Let’s Hang 
    Perfect in an outdoor space, or near the kitchen or living room window, try thinking from the ceiling down. The layering will add some interest and a touch of whimsy to your space. Try a vine or periwinkle varieties of plants.
  2. What Lies Beneath
    Think outside the box! Or at least, think under the table. Fill that empty, unused space below side tables with a touch of greenery. Best part? More table space and less clutter. If there’s a lack of sunlight, try the Snake Plant or an Aloe.
  3. Think Vertical
    If you really love greenery, why not go all out? A twist on the feature wall, a vertical garden can add a lush feel to your space, not to mention all those health benefits! Try mixing up your plant varieties to keep it looking interesting and fresh – try the Japanese Iris, Baby’s Tears and Bromeliads.
  4. Little Details
    The perfect coffee table centerpiece, terrariums are all about clustering small plants to make big impact. Choose plant varieties that all have the same light, water and drainage requirements if you plan on making your own miniature world. Feel free to group desert plants together or pair tropical species like lush flowers and fern together.
  5. Creative Containers
    One fun way to decorate with plants is choosing what containers you put your plants in. Up-cycle a teapot or teacup for a vintage vibe, or try an old colander for your hanging plants, the variation possibilities to hold plants are endless. Simply using vintage buckets in different colors can hold plants or fresh cut flowers and branches stylishly. Vintage tin pieces can be used to hold more plants on another wall. Air plants are great to put on a string and hang up, or can just be set on top of a stack of books. Just experiment and find what works for your room and furniture.


  1. Low Maintenance

Air plants are really nice and low maintenance. Despite its name, they don’t just live off air, but also water. If you are low maintenance and are avoiding bringing plants into your home because of the regular attention that needs to be given, select desert plants which require a single deep soak once a week for about 20 minutes and that is enough to keep them nice and hydrated.

Succulents are a favorite among low maintenance people as it is a type of plant that works well because they require watering once a week.




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