7 Summer Nail Colors You Should Try By Shelly Ali

Fiery Coral

If you’re looking for a summery alternative to tried-and-true crimson, you can’t go wrong with a rich coral. Look for a highly pigmented orange which is sophisticated but playful and works great on warmer skin tones.
Sheer Pink

For a lighter, easy-breezy look, a sheer pink is beautiful and works great with every skin tone. It has a universally flattering hue which just gives you a fresh and catchy look. You can make a style statement by complimenting the color with some catchy accessory.
Turquoise Blue

This shade is both fresh and timeless. It’s refreshing yet bold and can even remind you of the translucent ocean. It is definitely a color which is worn to showcase sheer confidence and can make you steal the spotlight effortlessly.
Sun Yellow

Last December, Pantone named bright yellow 2021’s color of the year, and since then the lemony shade has been everywhere. It’s no wonder why 2020 was tough for everyone, and seeing yellow really evokes a new spirit of optimism and resilience.
Electric Green

An electric green gives a white linen summer outfit the perfect pop of color but also goes perfectly with a black minidress for those summer nights out. This is a color which definitely stands on its own.
Off White

A pale off-white is perfect for a summer wedding or bridal shower. When everyone else is sporting a basic nude, marshmallow puts a unique spin on your ideal summer look. For a touch of shine and dimension, you can even opt for the “opalescent sheer” effect.


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