A look Inside: Tok Sen Massage

As per legend, which dates back to over 2500 years ago. Tok Sen Massage – this antiquated recuperating methodology depends on the restorative impacts of Thai back rub with tapping of the entire body with unique mallet and a stick. Tok Sen can be categorized as “Thai back rub for gourmets.” It interprets as: Tok – the sound which is made when one wooden item is hit by another one; and Sen is – vitality lines that go through the human body. The mallet and the wand are made of tamarind tree, struck and charged by lightning, and constantly honored in the religious community.

Our bodies have various vitality passages through which the “chi” streams. Customary Thai and Chinese drugs preserve that an individual is hale and hearty just when “chi” streams without obstacle. In spite of the stagnation in the energy meridians, the principle spots of obstructing the section of vitality in the body are the packs (particularly along the spine), where it is troublesome being worked by customary back rub methods. Tok Sen enables the masseuse to get through to the energy obstructions with this easy procedure by tapping wooden sledges and sending vibratory waves through the tissue.

It had started and built up the training at the old Kingdom of Lana, which is currently the north of Thailand (Chiang Mai). Along these lines, you won’t discover this back rub in the visitor zones of Thailand and particularly not in Europe.


Tok Sen – is a one of a kind, exceptional back rub and its restorative impact is perceived as the best back rub on the planet. This strategy enables you to evacuate the blockage in the energy channels, initiate the pressure point massage focuses and advance the ordinary stream of vitality in the body, loosen up the grasped muscles of the body, for the most part the ones that are difficult to reach with other back rub strategies. Tok Sen massage has a safe and demonstrated restorative impact in maladies of the musculoskeletal framework and some inner organs. Incredible stretch for the ligaments and tendons “sets” them set up.


  • Overcoming exhaustion and lack of energy;
  • Recovering from stress and physical exertion;
  • Slacking and failure of the immune system;
  • Decrease in muscle;

 POSITIVE EFFECT:                                                                                

  • It aligns the body energy, removes obstacles in the energy movement;
  • It detoxifies the body and eliminates negative energy;
  • It eradicates tension in the body;



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