Abdullah Qureshi In Conversation with Singer Creating Greatness to Tunes Unmatched

When it comes to realizing your passion, it’s never too early to discover what is getting your creative bone tickled. For a certain musical genius, it came from having to listen to music on television from an early age. Singer Abdullah Qureshi always felt music hit him unlike anything else. He started out playing for underground rock and metal bands and later started his very own thing. He gained popularity from his covers which led him to covering major concerts all across Pakistan. Having appeared in Nescafé Basement, he released his first song “Tere Liye” in 2013 and was met with huge applause and appreciation by the public. Qureshi who shot to fame with his take on Coke Studio’s “Afreen Afreen ” and his famous rendition of “Sufi Medley ”, is all set to dazzle us with new tunes which are all set to release after Eid. Social Diary spoke to the musical maestro who shared more on what led him to music and why he doesn’t consider his work to be defined by a specific genre. Learn more:

SD: What led you into the world of music?
Abdullah: I would have to consider it as being the music I heard on television. Actually I grew up listening to whatever Pakistani music would play on the TV. It definitely left a major impact on me. Later on, I explored western music as I was growing up. Music was getting me hooked in major ways.

SD: What kind of education and training did you gain for the same?
Abdullah: I took a 3 month course to learn guitars when I was 12 years old and never took any lessons related to singing. I also believe that you’re learning everyday even if you’re the best. It all depends on your passion. You learn and seek more on what intrigues you.
SD: Did you pursue this field keeping in mind a specific music genre?
Abdullah: Not at all, And to be honest, I still don’t know what my genre is. I actually don’t even feel like restricting myself to one genre. I make what I feel like making and that is the beauty of art, there are no boundaries. It is a continous process which allows you to explore and widen your horizon.
SD: The major setbacks you had to face along the way?
Abdullah: No record labels, which led to artists putting their own money into music videos and productions.

SD: With so many platforms and musical artists on the rise, how do you manage to keep up with your work?
Abdullah: I don’t consider it as a race. It’s about expressing what defines you and your passion. But at the same time consistency is key. You need to commit and make sure you are following a certain path which will be yielding results of fruition to your efforts.
SD: You have a new song releasing-share with our readers more on that?
Abdullah: I actually have 3 new songs in the pipeline. Two of them are collaborations with fellow artists and another one is an OST for a web series. All three of them are different genres. All of them release right after Eid one by one. This is definitely exciting and I’m sure my listeners would enjoy the tunes to it.

SD: How important is it for you to create a work-life balance?
Abdullah: I consider and follow a certain regime- there is no work without life and no life without work. The balance is essential. That is what allows you to make the most of what you have.
SD: Will you be collaborating with music houses and artists this year?
Abdullah: As mentioned earlier there are collaborations coming up this year. I recently opened up my own music production studio called “Area 52” in the heart of Islamabad and most of the future work is going to come out from there. It is definitely exciting and will lead to many more interesting things.
SD: As a songwriter and composer, what is the main thing you aim for when creating musical notes?
Abdullah: There is nothing more important than the feel and emotion. Sometimes a wrong note can also move you so there is no hard and fast rule. Its just about getting your inner emotions to come out. That is what creates the magic. Be ready to explore and not let anything impact your creative flow!
SD: Would you consider expanding your horizons and moving into acting anytime soon?
Abdullah : I tried once, I didn’t enjoy it the way I enjoy doing music so I decided Im never considering acting in dramas although I’ve had offers coming in but nah, it doesn’t excite me at all.





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