Adeel Chaudhry


When and how did you start your singing and acting Career?

I went to Khawar Riaz for a haircut and there they were doing auditions for a Pepsi commercial and they asked me also to audition which I did and got selected. Then from there my modelling career started and there is no looking back from then onwards.
Canada and Pakistan are very different culturally.

What is that you most like about these two countries ?

The Canadians can quickly detect which county a person is from by their accent alone, and may sometimes be able to pinpoint their town of upbringing just from their speech even though it is a small country. Also, the Canadians have a humour which is very unique . They strongly value fair play, believing everyone should have equal opportunity to better their circumstances regardless of their background. Fair play also translates into a respect for order. Canada is overall a very multicultural country where many have migrated and have adapted to the Canadian culture and now they consider themselves to be Canadians. Pakistan is a beautiful country with boundless opportunities but it however unfortunately has bad press that has shown a lot of negative side to the world . Pakistan is a country with people who are warm and hospitable. The people of Pakistan are openly inviting. Due to Islamic and tribal influences, non-urban regions of Pakistan have varying levels of gender segregation. Yet Pakistan has beautiful and scenic places and there’s something about it which my soul finds peace in.

Your endearing natural style of acting is appreciated a lot. Which personality trait of yours do you attribute to it?

I am like a river, I flow in life also the same is the case when when I am acting.

There are ups and downs in everyone’s career. How did you deal with the tough times in your career?

My outlook is that I always look for a solution in everything so when I am faced with tough times I always find a positive to whatever the circumstances are.

Who is your favourite actor or actress? Do you think you consciously may have followed their acting style?

My favourite actor is Leando de Caprio, I wouldn’t say I follow his acting style since he has years on me. However, I do like the way he studies his characters deeply, especially when he is playing a real person. He really tries to create his character into a mould and then puts himself into it. He attempts to be the character with much dedication . I do truly admire that.

You have made a place for yourself as an actor, singer, song writer. Do you have any more surprises for us?

I am always growing and exploring other talents that I can incorporate together. So you will have to just wait and find out. 🙂

Tell us how did you like working in the famous television series Bharosa pyar ka?

Working for Bharosa pyar Ka was an absolute pleasure , after doing Maan jao na I took a break for 8 months. Soon after I signed up to the munafiq project.I would like to thank my producers Abdullah Kidwani and asad qureshi for trusting me on this task. I done the shooting and it went great. If I am honest, I didn’t think it would be such a huge hit. I realized that the content is significantly important and if this is flowing well then overall it will always have a great end result. So now when it comes to a discussion about a new project I ask to see the content. The cast that I potentially could be working with does not concern me.’ I like to believe that I am an extrovert and get on with anyone. What interests me is how the audience will react to the drama project and if the content will appease them. Munafiq had an intriguing , cliff hanger type content to it. People from the audience can relate to this drama for many reasons, maybe they have or know someone who has experienced or been in a position such as Ujala, Hamzah , Sobia etc. It could be people from the audience are purely drama lovers who enjoy the anticipation and look forward to the next episode. People from the audience may enjoy and find inspiring the religious aspect of the drama. There are many reasons why the content of Munafiq would appeal to the vast range of audience. I suppose this is the reason it became a smash hit because of its content, which is why the content is the main thing and I will consider it chiefly on any of my current and future projects.
Move your body the song you sang for Bollywood flick Kismat Connection established your credentials as a singer.
You won MTV popular choice award. Does that make singing your final career choice?Again I am always searching for hidden talents and new challenges, everyday is a chance to open a window of new opportunities. Singing will always be a significant part of my life, and it’s where I get to really express myself without having to play a role. I am myself when I am singing and it is as if I was and always am were I fee-free. Wether I make it my final career choice is not something I can guarantee right now.

Not everyone can act in a horror film as convincingly as you did. Would you like to share what your experience was like when you acted in a horror film?

It was a different experience. At first I was hesitant to play a role of that genre , however I was dedicated and I learnt to adapt and portray my character in the film as genuinely as was possible.Question: Would you like to share any childhood anecdotes with our readers?I have too many childhood memories to choose from but Birthday’s always stand out to me. Birthdays are a happy occasion for a child, and I like to enjoy myself a lot. I remember my mum dressing me up in a superman outfit and I really thought I was the bees knees with my “cool” cape. Lol

Any message for our younger generation?

The younger generation are our future and I woul say to them that please invest in skills in this ever changing world forsee the future for youself as it is yours to create , never give up on your dreams . Trust your process.


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