Amazing Skin At Home! 

Henna Baig, has proved to be one of the best makeup maestras. This week, we asked her a few questions about makeup and hair! Give it a read! 

1.What is the best way to apply pro foundation at home?

Make sure your skin is clean (gentle cleansing and toning).
You must moisturize your skin followed by a suitable serum/ primer or skin care products that you use. You can choose to skip the serum/primer if your skin is oily and a moisturizer will suffice.
Wait 15 minutes before you apply foundation to let the products sink in.
Tip. For less coverage, use your fingers
For full coverage, use a sponge. 
Using a damp sponge- apply the foundation on face and neck. The key is to blend. Let the foundation set in for 2-3mins. 
Apply a concealer to the areas that need correction. Blend in!
Using a big brush, gently tap on a compact powder to finish the look. 

2. How to shape your eyebrows?

There is no hard and fast rule as to what kind of eyebrows go with a specific face shape. It is all about your preference and what’s in vogue. From unruly brushed away eyebrows to perfectly tailored, well groomed Arabian styled eye brows, the key is that once you have achieved your desired eyebrows shape, you keep maintaining it with regular tweezing and threading. 
Organic Castrol oil, Vitamin E oil helps in eyebrow growth. Apply it on your eyebrows at night and watch how the gaps fill up ( it will take a couple of weeks)

3 . How to minimise pores? 
To start, cleanse daily. You must keep your skin surface clean. Add a scrub to your weekly skincare routine, using it for not more than twice a week and at night only. 
Keep your hands off your face and keep it as oil free as possible. Most of the enlarged pores are in the T zone area which is due to excess sebum production. Using oil/sebum control products will help in minimising this issue.
Use clay and charcoal masks to unclog your pores and shrink them.
 Chemical exfoliators and peels, like salicylic acid and glycolic acid, are also very useful in dissolving unwanted buildup of dirt and oil on the skin. 

4. How do you get rid of bags under your eyes?

80% off eye bags and dark circles issues are genetic and unfortunately not much can be done about them. 
However, lifestyle, stress, eye health and age also contribute to the appearance of under eyes issues.
The best preventive measure is to keep your eye area moisturized at all times. Using good eye creams and eye masks will help in not only preventing the issue but also in reversal. The eye area is very sensitive and the skin around the eyes is very thin, thus I do not recommend any harsh peeling or cosmetic procedures like fillers, botox etc. 
Sleep well, eat well and stay away from stress!!


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