Amna Niazi

Amna Niazi (Celebrity Stylist & Partner at Siddy Says Blog)
Fun, quirky & straight forward responses, Let’s get rollin’ …

 Define yourself in 3 words?

Emotional, determined, foodie

The last book you read?

Forty Rules of Love

One song that always stays on your play list?

Yellow by Coldplay

One thing you always keep in your bag?


All time celebrity crush?


Your go to person for advice?

BFF Sadaf Zarrar

Favorite Quote?

I can resist everything, except temptation

-Oscar Wilde

Last movie you watched?

Saving Private Ryan (120th time maybe)

Favorite Person to hangout with?

Don’t get to do it much but it’s my dad

Favorite Style Icon?

Blake Lively

Favorite Shampoo?

Kiehl’s Coconut Shampoo

Your texting buddy?

Hahaha. Feroze

One word you use a lot?


Life according to you is?

What you make it

Your inspiration comes from?

Never being completely satisfied…. keeps me going

Proud of?

My book collection

What time you wake up?

When I’m done sleeping for the day

What’s better certificates or experience?

Experience of getting certificates

Favorite TV show?

Masterchef Australia

When I dance I look like…

I am born to dance

Favorite Food?


Favorite Perfume?

Very seasonal in my preference

Favorite Holiday destination?


Favorite genre of music?


You get irritated by?

One question being asked repeatedly

What’s you super power?

Multi tasking

Snapchat or Insta?



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