Are you taking enough Primary food to be healthy?

Social Diary started this fortnightly feature where we will be delivering  answers on the basic health related questions..This week, let’s understand the prime concept of diet, health and simple ways maintaining these in view of health expert
Zainab Naqvi.

What is Primary food?

People who eat healthy are not necessarily healthy. It is not only what you eat but water you drink, air you breath, the fact you love your life or relationships. Some people are very active, eat healthy but still feel miserable. Have you ever thought why?

Is this an eating disorder issue or deficiency of love or job you hate. Sometimes home environment is disturbing despite everything in place that is silently harming our health.  You can eat all the healthy food in the world but you can still get an illness if you are in a toxic relationship or  living an unfulfilled life.

Here is a circle of life that will actually help you in identifying which area of your life is imbalanced and need more attention and love. This is what I call “Primary Food” which is way more important than the actual food we eat, I call that “Secondary food”.  Discover which primary foods you are missing in life.

Let’s have a look at it.

How do we measure our imbalances of life?


  1. Place a dot on the line in each category to indicate your level of satisfaction on the scale of 1-10 within each area.
  2. Place a dot at the center of the circle to indicate dissatisfaction ( 1)or on the periphery to indicate satisfaction.(10)
  3. Most people fall somewhere in between. Connect the dots to see your circle of life. See the example below:
  4. Identify imbalances. Determine where to spend more time and energy to create balance.

Let’s go through each area and ask your self some valid questions.


  1. Joy

Deep experience of inward happiness and peace that brought on when something in your life aligns deeply with your core values.  Don’t confuse joy with pleasure and excitement.  Pleasure is based on external conditions and joy is based on internal. Pleasure feelings are relying on other people’s actions. You can get the feelingof joy by simply just being present at the moment or proud of your child in doing something. Usually gratitude evokes joy because it aligns with your core values of internal truth. Joys are small things in life and comes from inside out. Joy is tangible way to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

What does joy means to you?

 Is joy something you currently invest your time in?

Do you feel responsible for your own happiness and health? 

What brings you deep sense of peace, gratefulness or pride?

How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Spirituality

Refers to the way individuals seek, express meaning & purpose, the way they experience their connectedness to the moment , to self , to others , to nature , and to the Supreme Force , Almighty to something significant and sacred.  It is awareness to connection to something bigger than ourselves.It is very different for each person. Having a feeling of purpose increase our life span and greatest indicators of longevity.

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What is our Purpose in life?

How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Creativity

Creativity help us navigate through life and creative expression is crucial to maintain healthy lifestyle.  If we aren’t using our creativity properly, we feel unsettled and frustrated. Ask yourself whether you are using your creative side in any way?

How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Finances

The way to true wealth and financial stability is by having an honest accounting of your cash flow and making sure that brings you joy. Traditionally we use the word budgeting, which sounds harsh like constraining. Use joy based spending because you are honoring that money energy by spending it in something you like – what you have earned by giving energy. Your money is going towards the things in life that really are optimizing your happiness.

How satisfied you are? Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Career

Two people can have the same career but they derive different meaning from it.  Today we spend 8-10 hours at work, more time that we can spend with our loved ones, it is a huge part of our life and influence us deeply. Either you choose the career you love or find a way to love your current job.

What does your current career means to you?

 Is your career just a means for a paycheck or do you see meaning in your work?

Do you wake up each morning excited to begin your work?

 Does your career align with your goals or purpose?

How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Education

Education not only means to get new knowledge but also to draw knowledge out. It’s about drawing the wisdom and creativity that reside within us. Humans are naturally meant to evolve. Healthy life requires growth and expansion.

What does Education means to you?

What areas are you most interested in learning about?

Is education an area where you currently invest your time in?

How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Health

How healthy do you feel? Physically, Emotionally , mentally and spiritually? How does your body feel when you get up in the morning? Do you get angry often? Do you often blame on others? How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Physical Activity

Movement is a crucial component of our overall wellness, different exercise styles work for different people. How satisfied you are in this area?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Home cooking

It is an act of creating authentic nourishment. Time, effort and love you put in it. Chef n the kitchen are often stressed and underpaid even if its their passion. Cooking is the only art that we take in our body. Vitamine H- home cooked.  There are lot of negative energies in the restaurant kitchen and that’s not in the menu . How satisfied are you ?

  1. Home Environment

Creating a space that feels safe and comfortable brings you joy is both empowering and crucial for living a healthy and happy life.

How do you describe your current home environment? How does it make you feel?

How satisfied you are?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Relationships

People today have relationship crisis. Many are getting divorced; others are in marriage because of kids, financial security or other societal pressure. Most of us are confused about friendships, love , touch and intimacy, and we jumble them up.

What is relationship means to you?

In what way you are investing in your relationship?

How satisfied you are in your relationship?Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


  1. Social life:

We are social beings. A sense of belonging is basic need of survival. Our needs related to social life is purely individual eg introvert takes more time , extrovert energize while being with people . it is about balance. What balance social life means to you? Once in a month or twice?

Have you found certain types of people energize you more than others? 

What social activities lift you most?  (Dancing, dinners, coffee ?)

Do you look forward in socializing. Rate yourself in scale of 1-10.


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