Areeba Alvi

Areeba Alvis has proven that she is Shahood Alvi’s daughter, with good looks and a skill for acting she has won hearts with her character Ania in the ongoing drama Anaa. Join Social Dairy to get to know her better.

1.Define yourself in 3 words?
Umm, methodical, creative & curious

2. The last book you read?
Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

3. One song that always stays on your playlist?
Con Calma – Daddy Yankee & Snow


4. All time celebrity crush?
Hahah Robert Downey Jr, for life!!

5. One thing you always carry around except your wallet and your phone?

6. Your go to person for advice?
My dad for sure!

7. If you were ever caught dead, where would it be?
My car

8. Last movie that you watched?
The Silence

  1. 9. Favorite person to hangout with?
    Well I believe in ‘Fam Jam’ so no specific person, just my family!10. What is your best feature?
    I love my eyebrows, they are too expressive hahaha

    11. You got your last text from?
    My Best Friend – Dexter

    12. One word that you use a lot?

    13. Your inspiration comes from?
    Sincerity and Hardwork inspires me a lot may it be anyone!

    14. I’m proud of myself for___.
    Being Independent

    15. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
    Check my phone

    16. Favorite curse word?
    HAHAHAHA I won’t say


    17. Favorite TV Show?
    FRIENDS, Stranger Things for lifee!
    And well the list goes on!

    18. Would you prefer “Love” or “Chaye”?

    19. Favorite food?
    Bots ki Prawn Biryani for lifee ♡

  1. 20. Favorite perfume?
    Envy me by Gucci

  1. 21. If you could go any where in the world where would you go and why?
    Around the whole world, because I love travelling

    22. Favorite genre of music?
    Depends on my mood really!

    23. You get irritated by?
    A LOT of things

    24. What chore do you hate doing?
    None, I love working around my house!

  1. 25. First thing you notice in a girl/guy?
    Hands and Feet26. Your favorite emoticon?

  1. 27. Morning person or nocturnal?
    NOCTURNAL28. One thing on your bucket list this year?
    Add new pictures to my “Places I’ve traveled” board


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